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Joli's Blog: Top groms blasting Burleigh for a title

Tim McDonald : photo



Joli's Blog: 'Burleigh 2012'

The top groms performances are blasting Burleigh

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 January, 2012 : - - I'm at home for a change and it's nice to have a World Title contest happening in my own backyard. The Billabong World Junior Championships kicked off over the weekend with three-foot waves at one of surfings iconic locations, Burleigh Point.

Since late last week the Point, both in and out of the water, has been the scene for a bunch frothing grommets. Even though the surfs been on the small size the moves in the water from both the guys and the girls has been incredible.



Billabong World Junior Championships, Gold Coast 2012 - Images by Peter 'Joli' Wilson



Vertical lip bashing, frontside and backside punts and a sensational full-rotation alley-oop from Jack Robinson are just some of the highlights. There’s been no holding back from any of the groms during the free surfing or the heats.

With a waiting period till the 29th of January the World Junior Championships will crown a men and women’s 2011 ASP World Junior Champion sometime over these 10 days. I’ll be covering the contest and the free surfing and loading up images to the Gallery as the action unfolds so keep checking back.



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Cheers Joli

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Author: Peter Wilson

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