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Ketut Menda wins Bali waterman of the year

Ketut Menda accepts his award © Role Foundation

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Tipi Jarik, Tony Doris, Gede Narmada and Rizal Tanjung among the honored

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 September, 2013 : - - Ketut Menda wins Waterman of the year award at the Inaugural Waterman's Awards and Benefit Night. Chief judges Steve Palmer and Paul 'Gringo' Anderson presented Ketut Menda the Waterman of the year award. Ketut won this from other outstanding nominees for this award, Tipi Jarik, Tony Doris, Gede Narmada and Rizal Tanjung.

The Bali Waterman’s “Blues for the Blue” Benefit Night was held on Saturday night, the 31st of August, 2013, at the Tapeo Gastro Bar in Kuta. This event was a night to unite and honour inspirational individuals who play an important role in protecting Bali’s oceans, reefs, beaches, rivers, waterways, ecosystems and marine wildlife as well as mentors for children in the marine environment.

ketut was one of the first surfers invited to compete in an Australian Surfing contest. his achievements in the early years of surfing paved the way for todays professional Indonesian Surfers. Ketut is a professional surf judge and a fine example and mentor of children and the young adults of Bali.

A range of inspiring souls attended as nominees for the Waterman’s Awards. The Waterman Life Inspiration Award was proclaimed as a draw between Oka Sulaksana (olympic champion windsurfer and Pak Made Monoh (water adventurer & sailor)). Pak Monoh is famous throughout the coastal fishing communities as someone who has spent more time on the seas than on land.

His stories vary from mysterious ability, walking underwater from Bali to Lombongan, to courageous adventure, sailing a traditional jukung from Bali to Darwin, Australia, and heroic feats of bravery, like the time he made himself into a human walk bridge to save a boat load of people from drowning.

Other award winners included Paul Watson (ocean life warrior and defender) winner of the International Role Model and Champion of the Seas Award, Minni Vangsgaard (young local dive master) as Water Sports Mentor, Emma Larssen & Made Suparka (children of the seas development) for the General Mentors Award, Ni Made Kushandari (marine environment defender)for the Community Building Award, Gus Dark (marine awareness through environmental cartoons) for the Superstar Supporter Award, and Pariama Hutasoit (pioneer of Marine Protected Area in Southern Bali) won the Cleaner Seas and Rivers Award.

Ketut Menda (Bali surfing pioneer) was announced as Waterman of the Year and Ni Ketut Adi Arini (pioneering woman surf life saver) as Water Lady of the Year.

The health and beauty of Bali’s waterways is dependent on the dedication and strength of these selfless people who wish to make a positive difference to our planet’s precious blue bits. As the saying goes, ‘little drops make the mighty ocean’. Individuals have the power to make incredible positive changes. We must fight for our rights for clean healthy water ways, and thank those who do this with passion on a regular basis.

It’s hard to ignore the fact the Bali is suffering from a waste management crisis. A significant portion of this waste ends up in the islands beautiful oceans and rivers. It is not only aesthetically displeasing, but also presents many negative impacts to the environment, local marine animals, as well as serious health risks to humans.

The funds raised through the event are to benefit the exceptional efforts of Role Foundation, a 100% non-for-profit NGO offering free education to disadvantaged Balinese women at the Bali WISE campus and environmental education to local Balinese individuals at the Island Sustainability Education Centre regarding waste management, permaculture practises, sustainable micro-business management, marine conservation and much more.

Through ticket sales, raffles and auctions at the event, funds will contribute towards these educational programs to help to alleviate poverty and environmental degradation. A big thank you to the nominees, award winners, attendees, sponsors, and event organizers for contributing to this overall successful and positive event.

Source: Tim Hain

Author: Liza Dawn

Tags: Ketut Menda, Bali, Waterman of the Year

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