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New Zealand Surfing Mag honors Craig & Allan


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Sept/Oct issue dedicated to Craig Hughes and Allan Byrne

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 September, 2013 : - - The ink has dried on the pages of  Sept/Oct issue of New Zealand Surfing Magazine and the distributors have been frantically busy getting this issue onto shelves near you.

We dedicate the issue to two fallen brothers who have left us in Craig Hughes and Allan Byrne, quite fittingly this issue is also our surfboard shaping issue and we feature these two legendary shapers lives offering an insight into the men that they were in behind the face of their shapes. We also feature our current crop of foam masters who give us their rundown on what surfboards are to them and display the crafts that you should be riding.

The cover goes to Piha's Elliot Paerata-Reid who made no qualms of getting up at 4:30AM in Bali to head across the island to Keramis and under the glow of a spectacular sunrise nailed a unique flash photo which photographer Cory Scott spent two years of research and testing to get. Elliot was over the moon on his first cover shot claiming when he found out " This is the pinnacle of my career to get the cover of such a prestigious magazine, I am absolutely foaming at the bung and over the moon right now."

NZ Surfing Mag in association with The Art Of Surfing took several of our future stars to Bali for a training camp in the world’s most consistent waves. The lads put in countless hours in the line-ups of Bali all in an effort to increase their skills which we feature.

Sean Peggs flew the kiwi flag with pride at the Rip Curl Padang Cup in what he described as one of the best days of his life, we feature a spread from the inside of a Padang womb in which Peggsy is locked in.

The 79th Primo Roady took on a huge reef break on the West Coast where Daniel Kereopa once again created history being the first to paddle into this massive wave, on day two with smaller cleaner conditions a nearby river bar provides a few spiralling barrels for Clint Reid, Sam WIllis, Blair Stewart, Bevan Wiig and Maz Quinn to pull in on.

Every session has a classic moment at some stage of the day, Sam Willis, Matty Scorringe and a few other lads float at sea all day waiting for 'The Moment' which to their standards never eventuates, yet a couple of moments that most other mere mortals would be proud of provide salvation and stoke.

Plus all the regulars and catch ups with Elin Tawharu, Toby Hurren, Baydon Hill, and Jonas Tawharu as Rising Grom.

Source: Pacific Media

Author: Steve Dickinson

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