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Sustainable hollow board wins European award




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French made surfboard design wins EuroSIMA distinction

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 November, 2013 - The winners of the 2013 Call for Innovative Projects organized by the EuroSIMA Cluster are a team of five dynamic young entrepreneurs from the ENSTIB (The National School of Wood and Natural Fibers Industries and Technologies).
These five professionals from the wood processing industry have chosen to specialize in the manufacturing of sports products (sunglasses, bikes, skateboards, skis, surfboards, etc.) Their objective is to incorporate the beauty of wood in natural and high performance products.
The Hollowood project consists in the manufacturing of a hollow board "Made in France" and based on a sustainable approach associated through reducing manufacturing time.
Indeed, manufacturing surfboards made from wood requires significant time and skill, which is why the five engineers worked on maximizing the process to provide a more efficient method. Thanks to their efforts and research, they succeeded in reducing manufacturing time and therefore costs by creating a modular worktable.
Furthermore, the types of wood traditionally used to manufacture surfboards are generally imported from Ecuador or North America. The team therefore chose to manufacture more sustainable boards by using low impact materials. To do so, they applied local essences and used certified wood and natural fibers.
In addition, the boards are stratified using organically sourced resin by infusion, which also protects the manufacturer from toxic resin fumes. Resin infusion also requires fewer quantities of resin than traditional stratification methods.
Finally, due to the nature of the raw material, each product is unique and may be customized at will (engraved, encrusted...).
The Hollowood project received a 5,000 Euros in prize money and the opportunity to network with key players and stakeholders in innovation and European boardsports manufacturers.

Stephanie Protet

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