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Bonomelli and Martinez shine in Costa Rican circuit

Angelo Bonomeli © Fabian Sanchez



Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf Creatures
Presented by Reserva Conchal

Guanacastan Circuit Stop 2
Tamarindo de Villareal, Santa Cruz, Costa Rica
7 - 8 December, 2013

Italian-Costa Rican Bonomeli takes the win in Tamarindo | Español

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 December, 2013 -- Angelo Bonomelli put on a spectacular performance this weekend at the second stop of the Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf Creatures. Presented by Reserva Conchal, the second stop on the circuit proved to be an exciting one. After some competing in Europe, Bonomelli returned to his home country to dedicate his first official win in Costa Rica.

Bonomeli received a 16.00 in the toughest category of the competition, the Men's Open Division. Another outstanding performer was Malakai Martinez, the 13 year old sensation. Not only did he place second in the Open Division behind Bonomelli, but Malakai went on to win the Boy's Division and the Grom's Division.

Serena Nava showed her skills in the women's divisions, winning both the Open and Under-15 divisions. The next event of the circuit will take place 18-19 of January at Playa Avellanas.


1.       Angelo Bonomelli
2.       Malakai Martínez
3.       Luis Castro
4.       Isaac Vega


1.       José Joaquín
2.       Tiago Carrique
3.       Dean Vandewalle
4.       Jorge Quedo


1.        Malakai Martínez
2.       Tiago Carrique
3.       José Joaquín
4.        Dean Vandewalle


1.       Malakai Martínez
2.       Selasie Quijada
3.       Tiago Carrique
4.       Dean Vandewalle


1.       Tiago Leo
2.       Luke Guinaldo
3.       Sean Tomen
4.       Kailani Abrahoo
5.       Kamille McKillican
6.       Diego Ellen

Open Femenino

1.       Serena Nava
2.       Coral Wiggins
3.       Manue Ltel
4.       Chelsea Lisaius

Junior Femenino

1.       Zulay Martínez
2.       Coral Wiggins
3.       Katie Herrman
4.       Christine August

Femenino sub 15

1.       Serena Nava
2.       Coral Wiggins
3.       Christine August
4.       Sofía


1.       Adolfo Gómez
2.       Alex Gómez
3.       Nolden Zuñiga
4.       Ismael Coto


1.       Freddie Wiggins
2.       Christian Boos
3.       Alex Gómez
4.       Adolfo Gómez

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