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Saint Jacques Wetsuits welcomes Virgile Humbert



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Find out what wave-skiing in the Caribbean is all about

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 October, 2017 - Guadeloupe's premier waveskier, Virgile Humbert, has signed on with fashion-forward wetsuit brand Saint Jacques from France. In a blog post Virgile confirmed the deal and shared with the world just what exactly wave-skiing is.

" My name is Virgile Humbert, I am from the Guadeloupe Island in the Caribbean where I discovered wave-skiing.  This is not a well known water-sport. Wave-ski surfing is a dynamic sport combining the paddle power of a sit on top kayak with the manoeuvrability and performance of a surfboard. It is propelled by a two-ended paddle that enables you to "eskimo-roll" if overturned while surfing waves. I like this sport as it is different from classic surfing yet it offers the same sensations.

From the tube to the el rolo through the aerial everything is possible. Wave-skiing also allows you to catch waves on the coral reefs where surfers don't really venture!

I attend many wave-skiing competitions and I have had good results (World Champion 2011 and 2016) but what I like above all it's traveling, discovering new spots in new places, pushing the limits of my sport, meeting riders / non riders all over the world!

I totally fell for Saint Jacques wetsuits because of their unique design, while offering a cutting-edge, extra-flexible wetsuit that let's you think less about the water and more about the waves."


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