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Former Clark Foam team launch company - US Blanks 



Surfboard industry relieved as supply of quality foam blanks set to return to normal

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 March, 2006 : - - LOS ANGELES, CA;- Former key Clark Foam employees Kim Thress and Jeff Holtby, with a combined 40+ years experience with Clark have today announced the formation of their new company - ‘US Blanks’. They‘ve selected as partners - Ted Wilson of Fiberglass Hawaii, supplier of fiberglass and resin to the surf industry, and Gordon Merchant, surfboard designer and founder of one of the world’s leading surf companies.

Thress and Holtby will handle day to day management of US Blanks. They’ve put together a strong group of long time ex - Clark staffers with considerable expertise in all facets of the business. Appointments include, Patty Wirtz , office manager and head of customer service staff, Joel Lizarraga, production training, quality control & customer service, and Reed Price with Clark for 35 years, who will assist them in building the new company. The team also includes a number of highly trained ex - Clark production employees.

Having supplied the majority of the surfing industry with what was considered the world’s highest quality foam blanks for decades, this group looks well placed to pick up where Clark left off.

President Kim Thress was quoted as saying “we’ve all been doing this a long time, and have figured out just what the customers want, and we have the know-how to provide it” also adding “ right now, our number one priority at US Blanks, is to get a quality foam blank back out into the market place as quickly as possible, at a very competitive price, and to help the industry stabilize and move forward with confidence” .

Thress, Holtby, Wilson & Merchant have expressed their commitment to direct their considerable resources to ensure that US Blanks stays constantly at the leading edge of current design & technology - and to continue to produce the highest quality blanks in the world. They’ve undertaken to offer their customers, a full range of size & density options and rockers - and to provide the industry with an unmatched level of service.

The company is offering 3 types of foam. The US Blanks Polyurethane foam, gives the highest level of physical properties required by a surfboard - developed, tested and proven over decades - its quality, stability and consistency has long made it the choice of the majority of leading builders.

For builders preferring to work with US Blanks EPS foams, the company will offer 2 quality solutions. A Molded EPS Polystyrene foam - available in various densities, together with an Extruded Polystyrene foam.

US Blanks will meet and exceed all Governmental & Environmental regulations and requirements. Production of the Polyurethane Foam has been moved to a more suitable location in California.

More details on the US Blanks will be released shortly.


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