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Micro kegWaves/Lineups
Pelican at Rincon, Santa BarbaraWaves/Lineups
John John FlorenceGuy Candy
Laird HamiltonGuy Candy
Ryan Hipwood at Teahupoo Big Wave
Eddie Blackwell standing tallSurfers
Searching at duskSurf Travel
Peter Conroy, IrelandBig Wave
Backwash by Ted GrambeauWaves/Lineups
Mick FanningGuy Candy
Byron Barrel Bay Waves/Lineups
Michel BourezSurfers
Sunny Garcia and Bryan Saratt, HaleiwaSurfers
Lauri Towner, Shipstern Bluff Big Wave
Koa Rothman, TeahupooBig Wave
Carlos Burle, Nazaré Portugal Big Wave
Teahupoo lipWaves/Lineups
Greenbush looking soft and gentle if you can believe itSurf Travel
Father and Son
Deslumbre: Brazil's best trip to the Ments
Left spit somewhere in the MentawaisSurf Travel
Bill Hartley, Greenbush MentawaisSurf Travel
Marti ParadisisBig Wave