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Pelican at Rincon, Santa BarbaraWaves/Lineups
John John FlorenceGuy Candy
Laird HamiltonGuy Candy
Ryan Hipwood at Teahupoo Big Wave
Eddie Blackwell standing tallSurfers
Searching at duskSurf Travel
Peter Conroy, IrelandBig Wave
Backwash by Ted GrambeauWaves/Lineups
Mick FanningGuy Candy
Byron Barrel Bay Waves/Lineups
Michel BourezSurfers
Sunny Garcia and Bryan Saratt, HaleiwaSurfers
Lauri Towner, Shipstern Bluff Big Wave
Koa Rothman, TeahupooBig Wave
Carlos Burle, Nazaré Portugal Big Wave
Teahupoo lipWaves/Lineups
Greenbush looking soft and gentle if you can believe itSurf Travel
Father and Son
Deslumbre: Brazil's best trip to the Ments
Left spit somewhere in the MentawaisSurf Travel
Bill Hartley, Greenbush MentawaisSurf Travel
Marti ParadisisBig Wave
2013 Nikon Surf Photo of the Year by Peter 'Joli' WilsonWaves/Lineups