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Introduction : -
Some essential accessories required for surfing are as follows ; -

Board bag
Nose Cone


Wax : -
There are many different types of surfboard wax, they all do the same thing - they stop you from slipping off the surfboard when you are either paddling, or up surfing. At the beginning of a session, Surf Wax is applied to the deck of the board in the positions where the feet will be placed. It can also be applied to the rails where the hands will be gripping for duck diving or popping-up. Simply rub the wax on to the board. As long as you apply plenty of wax then you should be OK.

Surf Wax Maintenance : -
Instead of applying wax each time you go out you can revitalise the old wax with a quick comb with a Surf Wax Comb - available at any surf shop. After a session all the wax you applied at the beginning of the session has been smoothed out and the board has become slippery again. A quick comb will see that wax become much more effective again. This only works up to a point after which more wax will need to be applied.

Deck Grip : -
Deck Grip and Foot Pads are widely used in surfing. They are a permanent fixture to the deck of the board and they replace the traditional use of surfboard wax for grip. Most commonly used for just the back foot, deck grip can be bought for the entire length of the board if so desired. Some have kick tails, some have nobbley bits, some are bright luminous colours!

Leash/Legrope : -
The leash, or leg rope as it is also known, is used to attach your board to your leg, so after falling off you do not have to swim back to the beach to retrieve your board. An invaluable piece of surfing equipment. The leash is attached to a plug near the tail of the surfboard at one end, and around the bottom of your back leg just above the ankle by a velcro strap.

Legrope´s all do the same thing but some are a little bit more fancy than others. They have ends that swivel ensuring the leash does not get twisted up. Others come with a little pocket to keep your car key in while you are out surfing. They come in different lengths, longer ones for bigger boards and waves.

Board Bag : -
If you want to keep your board in good order then get yourself one. What type of board bag needed depends on what you will be using it for. If storing your board in the garage and want something to keep the dust off then any old bag will do. If you are travelling you´ll need at least 3mm thickness, and maybe a multi board bag. It´s always a good idea to take more than one board so you have the right board for the right conditions, and/or a back-up.
  Surfboard Nose Protector : -
A Surfboard Nose Protector or Nose Cone is a little, inexpensive piece of surf equipment. It serves two purposes. First it helps prevent damage to the nose of the surfboard, secondly and most important is that it transforms the deadly pointed nose of a board into a less dangerous weapon. The nose cone is a relatively cheap piece of safety equipment, one that you never think about but certainly will if you happen to need it.
Safety Helmet : -
The Surf Safety Helmet works just like a skateboard or cycling helmet but you can wear it in the sea!. No matter how good a surfer you are you cannot account for those surfing around you. The most popular range out there are the Gath Helmet.
  Rashguard : -
A Rashguard, also known as a Rashvest is an essential piece of equipment for the surfer. It´s uses are threefold. No 1 is that it stops you getting a rash when you are surfing. Rubbing yourself up against a surfboard for hours can chafe, and leave you sore - not to mention rashes under the arms and around the neck. No 2 is that they keep the sun off your skin. If you are surfing in the midday sun you will get burnt to a crisp - but not if you have your rashvest on. No 3 is that they can give you a little extra layer of warmth for a lot less cost than a new wetsuit.

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