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Cloudbreak 8th June 2012 © Joliphotos.com 


Cloudbreak Fiji Session

Cloudbread produces Biggest Waves ever - Best Surfers score perfection 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 June, 2012 : - - Cloudbreak, Tavarua, Fiji - The highly-anticipated monster swell hit Fiji Friday morning, producing massive 15 - 20 foot waves at the world famous Cloudbreak. 34 of the world's best surfers are in Fiji for the Volcom Fiji Pro, and they were joined in the water today by a crew of big wave specialists surfers from around the world to take advantage of the maxing waves on offer.

Competition was called on for the last two heats of Round 2, with Bede Durbidge defeating fellow Australian Adam Melling in a close battle. In the next heat Brazilian competitor Raoni Monterio was forced to come in early when he seriously injured his knee after suffering a heavy wipeout. That left Kai Otton in the water alone to catch some waves and win the heat.

After the injury contest officials called off competition due to dangerous conditions and unfavourable winds. With the competition off it opened up the line-up to the big-wave specialists and the World Tour competitors brave enough to take on the testing conditions. The standout surfers included Ramon Navarro, Greg Long, Reef McIntosh, Jensen Hassett, Ian Walsh and many more.

Not to be outdone a number of ASP Top 34 surfers mixed it up in the maxing conditions this afternoon, including John John Florence, Patrick Gudauskas, Damien Hobgood, Josh Kerr, Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson.





The best day of paddle surfing ever seen at Cloudbreak happen Friday with the swell in the 15 foot range from the south. The surf pumped all day with amazing performances from of the world best big wave paddle in surfers. The Volcom Fiji Pro saw some of the largest waves Cloudbreak has ever seen. Only 2 heats were run before the contest was called off, Volcom opted to continue to broadcast and cover the jaw-dropping free-surfing that was taking place. People watched history making waves Live around the world, complete with commentary and re-plays!



Watch the full day's action and extraordinary Cloudbreak Session webcast replay at Red Bull TV



75 photos of the day's action courtesy ASP / Kirstin




Joliphotos photo report slideshow from Fiji

Volcom Fiji Pro 2012 - Images by Peter 'Joli' Wilson



Adrian Buchan:

"It was the best it can get. I couldn't imagine it could get any better ... the big wave guys have just taken riding Cloudbreak to another level."

Yadin Nichol:

"It was disturbing what those guys were doing, it was a totally different league & I felt like an idiot out there in the lineup. I was just so under gunned on a 6'9" with no oxygen tanks or flotation vest. I just got flogged out there."

Damien Hobgood:

"I thought Ian Walsh's wave was the best wave I've ever seen, Reef's was just crazy and then Wassel's wave was sick, it is so hard to pick (the best wave), The waves ridden today were just out of this world."

Ian Walsh:
"It's definitely the best waves I've ever seen any where in the world and the session has been going all day."

Jamie Mitchell:

"I reckon they are the best waves I've ever seen, Pristine, beautiful, big, perfect. Some of the big waves that came through today were like a cartoon drawing, no, better than a cartoon, more perfect, they were just incredible. Today was one of those days that will go down in surfing history, it was an amazing day."



John John Florence © Joliphotos.com




Source: Volcom / ASP / Red Bull / Joliphotos

Author: The Editors

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