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Atlantic Surfing Fed launches season with NC event


Atlantic Surfing Federation Event #1

ASF Virginia & North Carolina Chapters
Jeanette's Pier, North Carolina
4 August 2012

Atlantic Surfing Federation kicks off new season with North Carolina event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 August, 2012 : - - Season number 2 of the ASF NC and VA Chapters began last Saturday, August 4 at Jennette's Pier, with Coastal Edge Surf Shop onboard bringing prizes for all finalists.  The surf was small as a very weak southeast background swell dribbled onto the beach.  In the early morning, the swell was drowned by high tide, so directors opted to delay the start of the 2012-13 season until the tide got a little lower.  Once the tide backed away, small waves began to break and the contest was on!  With the ASF-VA Chapter joining the Carolinians, the participation and excitement brought a huge turnout.  With 40 heats to run, and the early morning delay, the challenge for the Directors and Judges was on. 

The contest finally got underway as the youth divisions hit the water first.  Going from smallest to largest, the Micro-Grom parent assist division saw Camden Hoover and Keller Foard charging the knee high surf.  With some serious 5-year old ripping going on, the judges decided the heat ended up in a 1st place tie.  Moving up to Boys U-10, Noah Cutler was able to claim first place.  In the Boys U-12 the Myers brothers, Laird and Declan, battled out it in a friendly brotherly competition as Laird was able to come out on top. 

Up and coming Outer Banks grom shredder, Noah Futrell, was able to take out a host of VB talent in the Boys U-14 division.  In the Boys U-16 and U-18, a OB/VB youth rival seems to have been born as miniature man Quentin Turko and Virginia Beach’s talented grom, Parker Sawyer, went back and forth wave for wave, heat for heat as they traded gold and silver medals in each division.  Sawyer was able to take the gold back to state with no waves in the U-16 final as Turko settled for silver.  But in the U-18 final, Turko kept the gold in Outer Banks sand as Sawyer had to settle for second.

When the young ladies hit the water to do battle, the same scenario that played out in the Turko-Sawyer rivalry, also happened in the U-16 and U-18 girls divisions, only with Laney Brooks and Carly Grulich.  Brooks won the U-16 division over Grulich in a very tight heat.  Not much later in the day, Grulich revenged her loss over Brooks, taking the win in the U-18 girls division with Brooks getting second.

The youngsters also took a strangle hold on the Open division as the last adults standing, Jason Breiholz and MT Leavel, were eliminated in the semis. With by far the coolest hair in the contest, Billy McGarry's surfing in the Open final was equally as cool.  He was able to put together two good scores to hold off the Outer Banks skinniest ripper, Michael Foard.  Sean Heikkila surfed his way through several rounds of Open to place 3rd and Quentin Turko, having surfed about 7 heats in a row, was able to take fourth. 

Later in the day, the adult divisions began to put their work in on the small waves and work they did.  As swell energy decreased, more and more effort was needed to actually put up a decent score from the larger competitors.  With most of the adult competitors weighing more than all of the Micro-Groms combined, a lot of luck was needed to get the right wave and to be in the right spot in order to have some scoring potential.  In Mens, MT Leavel, who now fully fits into the "man" category, used his muscle and superior surfing ability to overcome a red-hot Michael Foard, who has been on a contest win streak all summer long. 

In the Master's division, VB 1st Street shred-guy, Tyler Volpe, was able to connect enough waves to upset the higher seeded OB loc-dog Jason Breiholz in a heat that took place at dead low tide, providing the day's smallest and worst conditions.   In Sr. Mens, VB old-school ripper Greg Emminizer was able to fend off all the other VB guys that showed up on the Outer Banks for the contest.  Double finalist, Jay Hawekotte, ripped his way through the small weak surf to claim a victory in Legends and third place in Sr. Longboard.

In a day that was definitely more fit for a longboard, those divisions didn't seem to have any complaints about the small surf on the 9-footers.  In U14 LB Nick Copenhaver used his smooth style to take first place over Hunter Smith and in U-18 LB Ker Porter won the gold in an all-Virginia Beach final.  Girls LB was won by Laney Brooks, claiming her second gold for the day and the only surfer to do so.  In the adult longboard divisions, skinny shredder Michael Foard took first and Ricky Judalena from VB was able to fend off the hard-charging Outer Banks legends and all-around cool guys, Bill Hume and Jay Hawekotte.

As always, the contest ran as smooth as silk with the dedicated and passionate ASF Directors, Luanne Moye and Bud Easton from the VA Chapter, and Julie Hume, Jay Hawekotte, and Julie Leavel from the NC Chapter, running the show.  With an incredible panel of ISA qualified judges, and entourage of tabulating help under the tent, they managed to complete the challenging schedule of heats and hold the award ceremony before dark.  Trophies and prizes from Coastal Edge Surf Shop were presented to the finalists and the competitors left the beach stoked for the next ASF event.

Source: ASF

Authors: Jason Breiholz
Tags: Atlantic Surfing Federation, Contests, North Carolina, Jeanette's Pier
Events: Surfersvillage

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