Clean surf hits New England Longboard Classic

Kristin Cunningham, Keating Artegian & Sara Prince © ESA

New England Longboard Classic

Eastern Surfing Association
Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts
8 - 9 June 2013

Waist-high waves roll through event courtesy of Tropical Storm Andreas

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 June, 2013 : - - The 2013 New England Longboard Classic Championships could also have been named the Tropical Storm Andreas Leftovers Contest. The Eastern Surfing Association got lucky when the huge storm system spiraled into the Atlantic and kicked back a clean, glassy waist high swell at Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts, that was ideal for longboarding. Combined with sunny skies and air temperatures in the high 80’s, conditions could not have been better. 

With the quality surf, came a much higher caliber of surfing, which was very entertaining for the spectators as well as the judging staff. ESA Massachusetts Competition Director Chick Frodigh, organizer of the event, said; “This is the best contest surfing I have seen at this event in a long time, and it is because of the quality of the waves.”

The largest group was the Junior Men, with the top three being separated by one or two points. In the end, it was Charlie Frodigh’s well-timed spinners on open faces, that gave him the win over Eddie Traneillo. Some of the best waves of the entire contest came through during the Masters Final, and local Nantasket native Naoto Ohashi took full advantage.

Naoto, who has won this contest numerous times, picked off probably the wave of the day, a perfect right peak, and set up for a classic tip ride, hanging five for almost the entire length of the ride. Runner-up Ben Yoder was working over the lefts with cutbacks and turns. While Ohashi added two other great rides to top Yoder, it was the nose ride that sealed the win with the judges.

There was lots of action in the women’s ranks. Longtime ESA veteran Sue Glidden came out of retirement to dominate the Senior Women’s Final with some strong nose riding. Last year’s Ladies champ, Chris Bonnichon showed her local knowledge of the home break sandbars, easily winning that division over Jayne O’Leary. 74-year old ESA South New England All-Star Kitty Pechet rode the two longest rides of the final, to top Gail Kotowski for the Grand Dame’s title.

Susanne O’Leary topped top ESA Women’s competitor Keating Artegian for the Junior Women’s crown, while another ESA veteran Sarah Procaccini captured the Women’s division over Noona Joseph.

In the elder categories, it was Peter Pan successfully defending his Legends title as he packed an array of spinners, nose rides, and switch foots into two perfect right peaks, to top Mike Robertson for the win. Dave Lepore got a sweet tip ride to top both Ken Merrill and Bill Devaney for the Senior Men’s title.  Dan King topped a tight heat for the Men’s crown, while Rich Catrambone edged out Andy Marsden for the Grand Master title.

In the specialty categories, Pat Redmond showed why he recently captured the ESA Northeast Surf-offs Open Bodyboard crown, as he “360” and “El Rollo-ed” his way to a big win. Ray Cabral displayed some nice switch foot skills in topping Sarah Procaccini for the SUP title, and Ed Traneillo edged out Charlie Frodigh for the Open Shortboard crown.

The post contest party at the Red Parrot Restaurant, featured food, drinks and a live band that kept the crowd dancing until the later part of the evening.  The band featured Grammy winner Toni Lynn Washington and Matt Stubbs. The silent auction, headlined by a brand new Bic Sport Super Magnum surfboard, raised over $1600.00 to benefit the Save The Children of Massachusetts.

Final Results

Menehune Girls (12 years old and under) 1.Taylor Saitow 2.Haley Marsden  3.Annabel Volpe  4.Kayla Eldridge 5.Kailee Fitzpatrick  6.Alana Marsden 

(13-18) 1.Emma Herrick  2.Maggie Canavan  3.Liz DeVito  4.Katie Frodigh  5.Victoria Hayes  6.Annabel Smith  

Junior Women
(19-29) 1.Susanne O’Leary  2.Keating Artegian  3.Sara Prince  4.Jessica Liptschiz  5.Kristin Cunningham  6.Meredith Haas  

(30-39) 1.Sarah Procaccini  2.Noona Joseph  3.Denise Lamb  4.Kate Milkosky  5.Benita Hussain  

(40-49) 1.Chris Bonnichon  2.Jayne O’Leary  3.Christine Scaplen  

Senior Women
(50-59) 1.Sue Glidden  2.Lynn Lavallee  3.Libby Cote  4.Stacey McLoughlin  

Grand Dames
(60 plus) 1.Kitty Pechet  2.Gail Kotowski  

(Boys 12 and under) 1.Nate Froid  2.Josh Jacques  3.Cade Marsden  4.Josh Hedde  5.Nick Stavis  6.Nate Lang  

Junior Men
(13-18) 1.Charlie Frodigh  2.Eddie Traniello  3.Joe Hedde  4.Joe Doherty  5.Max Hirsh  6.Mario Stark  

(19-29) 1.Dan King  2.Colin Merrill 3.Louis Meola  4.Ross Lagoy  5.Mike Coute  6.Colin Cook  

(30-39) 1.Naoto Ohashi  2.Ben Yoder  3.Brian Atherton  4.Eric Milton  

Grand Masters
(40-49) 1.Rich Catrambone  2.Andy Marsden  3.Tim O’Shea  4.Scott Sutherland  5.Jeff Claire  6.Mike Saitow  

Senior Men
(50-59) 1.Dave Lepore  2.Ken Merrill  3.Bill Devaney  4.Rich Bonanno  5.Tim Cunningham  6.Jim Hamilton  

(60 plus) 1.Peter Pan  2.Mike Robertson  3.John Burns  4.Jack Vercollone  5.Branch Lane  6.Ray Cabral  

Open Bodyboard
(all ages) 1.Pat Redmond  2.Peter Pan  3.Ben Moy  4.Charlie Frodigh  5.Paula Vervavoce  6.Andrew Enright  

Open Shortboard
(all ages) 1.Ed Traniello  2.Charlie Frodigh  3.Danney Kelly  4.Max Hirsh  5.Nick Davis  6.Jake Casey  

SUP Open
(all ages) 1.Ray Cabral  2.Sara Procaccini  3.Jake Casey  4.Max Hirsh  5.Stacey McLoughlin  6.Noona Joseph

Source: ESA

Author: Peter Pan

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