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Home » Temple University » Get Enrolled in Temple University Online Transaction Doctor of Physical Therapy

Get Enrolled in Temple University Online Transaction Doctor of Physical Therapy

By: IOS, Category: Temple University

A Doctor of Physical Therapy, or DPT, propels your career by increasing your skills, opening more career opportunities and boosting salary earnings.

However, it’s not always possible to take time off to pursue a degree full time or even attend classes on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are a lot of colleges and universities that offer this type of degree program online today. Temple University, the 26th largest university in the United States, is no exception.

The online Transaction Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT) program at Temple University is designed to help you increase your professional knowledge and advance the application of your clinical skills. Specifically, it will prepare individuals completing all of the required online tDPT coursework to get their DPT degree, with the ability to:

• Demonstrate specialized behaviors in all interactions with individuals such as patients, clients, families

• Expressively and receptively communicate with all individuals when taking part in physical therapy practice, research and education

• Be capable of performing all of the expected entry-level skills as noted by the Evaluative Criteria for Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs as identified by the Commission of Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education

• Gain an understanding of the implications of individual and cultural differences when taking part in physical therapy practice, research and education

With great flexibility, all coursework for the online program is conducted over the internet using a platform where you, your classmates and instructors can post and share lecture materials and assignments as well as participate in group discussions. Your only technical requirement to take part in the program is to prepare a computer with internet access, a DVD player and Microsoft Office software.

There are also requirements on the number of credits you need to earn, just like other degree programs. With a wealth of courses offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters, you will need to complete 12 to 24 graduate tDPT credits. To arrange your course sequence, have a look at the schedule of projected tDPT course offerings for the Academic Years 2011 to 2012 through 2013 to 2014.

You know many previous students chose to take 6 credits of coursework each during a fall and spring semester and completed the minimum 12 core credits in less than one school year.

But, how do you apply for the online tDPT program at Temple University? First, you should be aware that to qualify to complete online tDPT coursework and get your DPT degree, you have to meet a series of admission requirements, just like other degree programs (whether online or on campus).

For instance, you must have graduated from a physical therapy program accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). The CAPTE is a nationally recognized accrediting agency. For more information about CAPTE accredited PT and PTA programs, check the following page:

In addition, you must also have earned a master’s degree and hold current Physical Therapy licensure in the United States. Here is an eligibility grid which is created to help you determine whether you meet eligibility standards and admission requirements.

Be noted that if you received your entry-level master’s degree in PT from a CAPTE accredited program within the last 10 years and hold a current PT license in the United States, you are able to determine the number of courses you must take to complete your DPT degree.

For those who completed their master’s degree (whether in PT or another field) outside the last 10 years, the determination will depend upon 3 factors, as to the number of tDPT credits that you will be required to complete to get your DPT degree. These factors include the range, depth and currency of:

1. The curriculum when you graduated from a CAPTE accredited program

2. Any other of your previously completed graduate degrees and coursework

3. Your previous professional experiences

Be aware that according to the Department of Physical at Temple University, the currency is defined as a 10-year window dating back from the date of review of your application file by the tDPT Admissions Committee.

Also, bear in mind that every applicant has to submit an official transcript (to verify graduation from a CAPTE accredited PT program), a current curriculum vitae, two Temple University Graduate School Reference Reports from clinical colleagues (one of whom is a supervisor), a Statement of Personal Goals and a current copy of state license to practice physical therapy.

Reference Report for Graduate Study

Note: Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy program that previously graduated from Temple University don’t need to have completed a master degree to obtain acceptance.

Now, you can start your application simply online. However, be aware that if this is your first time to use Temple University online application, you have to set up an account with a Login ID and PIN before you begin.

Anyway, make sure to allow for enough time to send application and all required materials. For spring semester, all materials must be received by November 15th. For fall semester, all materials must be received by July 15th. All materials should be sent to:

Sarah Carroll

Director of Student Services

3307 North Broad Street

Department of Physical Therapy

College of Health Professionals & Social Work

Temple University

Philadelphia, PA 19140

NOTE: What if you can meet all eligibility requirements of the tDPT program, but are unable to have all application materials submitted within the official application deadline date? In this case, you may be regarded as a non-matriculated student. As a non-matriculated student, you may choose to take only 1 course from the selection of core coursework.

However, bear in mind that to be a non-matriculated student, you must complete and sign the non-matriculated student form. Plus, you also have to supply a current curriculum vitae and copy of the state license (including expiration date) in which you can practice physical therapy. Be noted that there are also application deadlines for these non-matriculated students. The application deadlines are August 1st for fall semester and December 16th for spring semester.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Temple University. For accurate and professional information, go to Temple University official site.

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