Pre-natal-surf-yoga? Why yes, yes it is...

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Yoga For Surfers founder Peggy Hall launches pre-natal surf/yoga DVD

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 July, 2013 : - - Peggy Hall, Founder and Creator of the best-selling instructional DVD series, Yoga for Surfers®, is excited to announce the release of her new pre-natal yoga DVD – Yoga for Surfers presents Baby on Board - especially designed to suit the unique needs of mother and baby during pregnancy.

Yoga for Surfers presents Baby on Board is specifically intended to benefit and nourish pregnant women of all levels of fitness throughout their pregnancy. The DVD includes two separate yoga routines to choose from and important precautions for practicing yoga while pregnant. Posture modifications provide for beginners to advanced students.

In Yoga for Surfers presents Baby on Board, expecting mothers will enjoy poses to relieve lower back pain, ease stiffness and reduce stress. The student is expertly led through each sequence with instructional cues on breath and movement while connecting mother and baby, to ultimately assist with the emotional and physical changes that pregnancy brings.

Peggy Hall has taught yoga for over 15 years and trains yoga teachers annually at the Yoga for Surfers Teacher Training program, which she devised four years ago. As an acclaimed yoga instructor, published author, regular features columnist, radio presenter and TV host, Peggy has been coined ‘America’s Ultimate Wellness Expert’. 

The inspiration for Yoga for Surfers presents Baby on Board was born from countless requests Peggy received from women all around the world, seeking her advice on how to safely start or modify a yoga practice during pregnancy. 

Peggy Hall, Creator of Yoga for Surfers presents Baby on Board, said, “This pre-natal instructional DVD is the result of seemingly endless emails I receive from women – both new and seasoned yoga practitioners – requiring assistance in developing safe yoga sequences during pregnancy. Additionally, three Yoga for Surfers®, Teacher Trainees were actually pregnant while studying with me, which further inspired me to create a pre-natal DVD for active mums-to-be.

Peggy adds, “Many women are naturally inclined to take up yoga when pregnant. Although, family and work commitments or location restrictions might mean they aren’t able to attend a regular yoga class. Yoga for Surfers presents Baby on Board makes yoga accessible anywhere by delivering private, pre-natal yoga classes direct to people’s homes.”
Leading Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Dr. Melissa Martinez-Adorno, M.D. of Women's Care of Nashua, New Hampshire, said, "I love this DVD. Baby on Board is safe and suitable for all stages of pregnancy. I recommend that expecting women practice pre-natal yoga as a way of relieving aches and pains associated with pregnancy, and I find it therapeutic to ease hormonal changes as well."

At six months pregnant, Yoga for Surfers® Instructor, Melinda Ferreira, demonstrates the yoga routines in the DVD, providing a great example of how women can stay fit and healthy during pregnancy.

Energising: this routine comprises 25 minutes of invigorating poses to banish fatigue, reduce aches and pains and keep muscles strong and supple.  Stress is exchanged for strength and exhaustion is replaced with exhilaration.

Soothing: the second routine provides 25 minutes of relaxing poses, which are simultaneously beneficial to the mind, body and soul. This routine is ideal for slower, deeper, calming stretches that will leave women feeling pampered and peaceful. 

Also featured in the DVD is ‘Book of Blessings’ – a guided meditation with optional mantras to further connect mother and baby during this special time.

The release of Yoga for Surfers presents Baby on Board follows the international success of the Yoga for Surfers® DVD series, which is the Number 1 surfing fitness DVD in the world, with over 175,000 copies sold. The DVD series features Australian surfing World Champion, Tom Carroll, plus Pro Surfers, Rochelle Ballard and Taylor Knox.

Since 2002, the Yoga for Surfers® DVD series has transformed the lives of thousands of surfers around the world. As the pioneer of the wildly popular surf + yoga movement, Peggy has been called a "legend" by Surfer Magazine. 

To purchase a copy of Yoga for Surfers presents Baby on Board go to Cost $29.95 plus p&h.

Source: Yoga For Surfers

Author: Peggy Hall

Tags: Yoga, Pregnancy, Surf Fitness

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