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    Andy Irons sets pace as Billabong Pipe Masters kicks off
    Andy Irons : photo Chang/ASP Covered Images

    Billabong Pipeline Masters

    ASP World Championship Tour Event #9
    Pipeline North Shore Oahu
    8 - 20 December 2007

    Live Coverage  |  Results/Photos/Videos etc 


    Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 December, 2007 : - - Honolulu - - Defending Billabong Pipeline Masters champion Andy Irons (Hawaii) bolted out of the gates with a blistering performance in the opening heat of the competition today.  Making the most of the morning's clean waves of six- to eight-feet, a combination of solid scores earned at both Backdoor and Pipe netted him the highest heat score of the day: 17.5 out of a maximum 20 points.

    His top wave score of 9.17 points was posted on his very first wave - a sterling tube-ride on the right-hander of Backdoor. His second score of 8.33 was awarded for a final ride at Pipeline that featured a grab-rail barrel and blazing round-house cut-back.

    Second place in the four-man heat went to Cory Lopez, who would have won all but two of the days heats with his score of 14.66 points. Third place went to Adriano de Souza (Brazil), and Tiago Pires (Portugal) was fourth. There are no eliminations in round one.

    "It's always good to be at Pipeline with three other guys out," said Irons. "Even though it's 4-feet, it's a pleasure to be out there. It's the end of the year, it's the last event, it's Pipeline and there's so much hype. It's one of the best waves in the world."


    Ace Buchan : photo Rowland/ASP Covered Images


    Despite a quarter final finish in the first event of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing series at Haleiwa last month, Andy's absence from the second event at Sunset Beach means that he will not be able to claim a fifth Triple Crown title this year even if he should win here at Pipeline. But as a four-time and defending event champion here, Andy's eyes will be on the Pipe Masters winner's podium.

    "I'm not in the Triple Crown this year," Irons continued, "but to just be in the Pipe Masters, I really want to do well at this event. It means a lot to me. "I love the right - Backdoor is my favorite wave in the world. It's dangerous and has that excitement. It's kind of a gamble, you don't know if you'll get aces or crap out.

    "Guys in my heat were sitting next to the sandbar and I wasn't going to say anything, but there's no way a wave is coming there."  Midway through the first round, strong tradewinds produced a cross-chop to the ocean surface and conditions restricted the scoring potential of riders.  Heat six with five-time Billabong Pipeline Masters champion Kelly Slater (Florida) was a turning point in the day's action as the number of waves with high scoring potential dwindled.

    Eventual heat winner Adrian Buchan (Australia) nailed best ride of the 30-minute heat to register the highest single wave score of the day: 9.63 points for a clean Pipeline tube that culminated in a floating close-out re-entry. Buchan's heat total of 15.96 points eclipsed Slater, Royden Bryson (South Afria), and Kalani Chapman (Hawaii), who posted 6.36, 4.6, and 2.8 points respectively.


    Bede Durbidge : photo Rowland/ASP Covered Images


    "It would be really nice to have big Pipe and Backdoor," said Slater. "I think when it's bigger it opens up the field a little more. When it's smaller like this it becomes easier for the tour guys."  Current Vans Triple Crown Series ratings leader Bede Durbidge (Australia) continued his stellar run with a first round heat win against local Fred Patacchia, former world champion Mark Occhilupo (Australia), and Daniel Wills (Australia).

    "It would be amazing [to win the Triple Crown]," said Durbidge. "It's been a dream of mine forever and Hawai'i means a lot. There's a long way to go, but I'm on track. ...I like being the underdog and staying under the radar, doing my own thing. It's always good to win your first heat and build that momentum."  Other heat winners today included Dean Morrison (Australia), Jeremy Flores (France), Bruce Irons (Hawaii), and Greg Emslie (South Africa).

    The men's Billabong Pipeline Masters runs concurrently with the women's Billabong Pro Maui, held at Honolua Bay, Maui. That event was postponed today due to small surf. These two events will wrap up the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing for 2007 and determine this year's Series champions. The women's Billabong Pro Maui will also determine the 2007 ASP women's world champion.

    In addition to $740,000 in prize money, both the men's and women's Vans Triple Crown champions will receive a limited edition $25,000 Chevy Colorado truck. The men's champion will also receive a custom $10,000 Nixon watch.

    All of the action of this year's Billabong Pipeline Masters can be experienced live at  The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Series can be accessed through or can also be found at presented by Additionally, will be offering original daily content, and Surfing Magazine will provide a daily blog.


    Pipeline : photo Luckey/ASP Covered Images


    Today's Results:

    Round 1:
    H1: Andy Irons (HI), Cory Lopez (FL), Adriano de Souza (Brz), Tiago Pires (Prt)
    H2: Greg Emslie (SAfr), Tim Reyes (CA), Bobby Martinez (CA), Leonardo Neves (Brz)
    H3: Bede Durbidge (Aus), Fred Patacchia (HI), Mark Occhilupo (Aus), Daniel Wills (Aus)
    H4: Gabe Kling (FL), Luke Stedman (Aus), Raoni Monteiro (Brz), Damien Hobgood (FL)
    H5: Laurie Towner (Aus), Mick Fanning (Aus), Phillip MacDonald (Aus), Ricky Basnett (SAfr)
    H6: Adrian Buchan (Aus), Kelly Slater (FL), Royden Bryson (SAfr), Kalani Chapman (HI)
    H7: Bruce Irons (HI), TJ Barron (HI), Taj Burrow (Aus), Chris Ward (CA)
    H8: Neco Padaratz (Brz), Joel Parkinson (Aus), Sunny Garcia (HI), Rodrigo Dornelles (Brz)
    H9: Tom Whitaker (Aus), Bernardo Miranda Brz), Michael Campbell (Aus), Michael Lowe (Aus)
    H10: Josh Kerr (Aus), CJ Hobgood (FL), Luke Munro (Aus), Taylor Knox (CA)
    H11: Jeremy Flores (Fra), Victor Ribas (Brz), Troy Brooks (Aus), Kai Otton (Aus)
    H12: Dean Morrison (Aus), Pancho Sullivan (HI), Dayyan Neve (Aus), Shaun Cansdell (Aus)

    Draw For Round 2
    H1: Damien Hobgood (Fl) v Mikey Bruneau (HI)
    H2: Kalani Chapman (HI) v Jamie O'Brien (HI)
    H3: Taylor Knox (CA) v Roy Powers (HI)
    H4: Sunny Garcia (HI) v Gavin Gillette (HI)
    H5: Kai Otton (Aus) v Manoa Drollet (Tah)
    H6: Tiago Pires (Port) v Flynn Novak (HI)
    H7: Michael Campbell (Aus) v Kainoa McGee (HI)
    H8: Michael Lowe (Aus) v Danny Fuller (HI)
    H9: Daniel Wills (Aus) v David Wassell (HI)
    H10: Luke Munro (Aus) v Gavin Beschen (HI)
    H11: Leonardo Neves (Brz) v Ian Walsh (HI)
    H12: Shaun Cansdell (Aus) v Mikala Jones (HI)
    H13: Rodrigo Dornelles (Brz) v Tory Barron (HI)
    H14: Chris Ward (CA) v Shane Dorian (HI)
    H15: Ricky Basnett (SAfr) v Myles Padaca (HI)
    H16: Royden Bryson (SAfr) v Makuakai Rothman (Aus)

    Check the Live Coverage 

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    - More images from Tuesday -



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    About Vans Triple Crown of Surfing:
    The $740,000 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing consists of the Reef Hawaiian Pro, Haleiwa, Nov. 12-24 (6* WQS, men and women), the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing, Sunset Beach, Nov.25-Dec.6 (6*WQS men and WCT women), the Billabong Pipeline Masters (men), Pipeline, Dec. 8-20 (WCT) and Billabong Pro Maui (women), Honolua Bay, Maui, Dec. 8-20 (WCT). In addition to $740,000 in prize money, both the men's and women's Vans Triple Crown champions will receive a limited edition $25,000 Chevy Colorado truck. The men's champion will also receive a custom $10,000 Nixon watch. All of the action of this year's Vans Triple Crown of Surfing can be viewed live via the internet at 

    About ASP:
    The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) is the governing body of professional surfing. Crowning surfing's undisputed world champions since 1976, the ASP sanctions the following tours: the Foster's ASP World Tour, the ASP Women's World Tour, the World Qualifying Series (WQS) and the World Longboarding, Junior and Masters Championships. The ASP is dedicated to showcasing the world's best surfing talent in a variety of progressive formats and has revolutionized the way the world watches surfing via their webcasts. The organization is divided into seven different regions: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Hawaii, North America, and South America.

    About Foster’s Group:
    Foster’s Group is a premium global drinks company delivering a portfolio of beer, wine, spirits, cider and non-alcoholic beverages. The Foster’s network spans three regions: 1) Australia, Asia and Pacific, 2) Americas and 3) Europe, Middle East and Africa. Foster’s has been the naming rights Title sponsor of the Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour since 2004.



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