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    Thomas Meyerhoffer & Global Surf Industries join forces
    The Meyerhoffer in action : photo courtesy GSI

    Industry News

    Meyerhoffer – The Evolution of Wave Riding

    Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 March, 2009 : - - The Meyerhoffer is possibly the most radical design innovation in longboarding for a generation. With this ultra-modern take on the traditional longboard world renowned industrial designer Thomas Meyerhoffer and Global Surf Industries bring his design excellence into the realm of the everyday surfer, increasing the ultimate experience and propelling surfing into the mainstream consciousness more than ever.

    Always in search of ways to increase the experience Thomas Meyerhoffer designs products in the areas of sports, technology and furniture. His previous experimental surfboards have been included in New York’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and the Pasadena Museum of California Art, while Outside Magazine has tipped the Meyerhoffer Longboard  in 2009 as ‘a surfing product that will blow your mind.’

    Each section of the board is optimised for maximum performance, the design evolving into an incredibly complex shape with three different bottom contours that transition smoothly into each other with its own purified purpose in an organic and seamlessly effective shape. Just like nature itself. The evolution of the Meyerhoffer has been a process of taking away more than adding to traditional forms, enabling Thomas a greater opportunity to shape the board.

    “As a designer I believe in the proportions of nature. If you change a shape in one direction the flow on effect undoubtedly changes it in the other,” said Thomas.

    From the wide tail through a minimal waist and into a more classic nose, the design brings short board elements into a longer board to maximise speed and turning, provides paddling ease and high performance nose riding. Every element of the board provides the ability for smooth transition from front to back.

    “I want to further explore that indefinable feeling of surfing and I see this same sentiment within Global Surf Industries,” he added.      

    And in their quest to push the boundaries of surfboard design Australian company Global Surf Industries has teamed with Thomas for the next chapter in this evolution.  The Meyerhoffer once more takes us back to the longboard and beyond the current shape while still encompassing core shortboard philosophies in its design.

    “It has always been a goal of mine to help create definite design differentiation in the retail surf industry,” said GSI Managing Director Mark Kelly. “As a whole, surfboards are very similar and I believe today it is shapes over construction that we need to develop further.”

    Global Surf Industries is the largest surfboard distributer in the world, distributing to over 50 countries. Mark believes if you were to take 20 random boards from the rack at your local surf shop and remove all brand definable markings, most of us would be at a loss trying to differentiate between each.  Unless however, included in that collection are the latest Meyerhoffer longboards.

    “We are a company for the recreational surfer and I cannot wait to give every surfer out there the opportunity to ride this truly innovative piece of modern design,” concluded Mark.

    The Meyerhoffer will be marketed under Global Surf Industries Modern Longboards brand. It will be launched and surfed at this year’s Global Surf Industries Noosa Festival of Surfing, presented by Golden Breed. The Festival runs from March 15 – 22 and encompasses the GSI One Design Invitational, where six heats of six invitees will surf 9’2” Meyerhoffer boards for the first time for a place in the final.

    For more information, videos and reviews go online or call 1300 368 428

    All boards are constructed in GSI’s SLX - Super Lightweight Epoxy  - technology to ensure maximum responsiveness. We have glassed all boards with white tinted epoxy resin. They have 2 X 6oz layers of fiberglass on deck and 1 X 4oz bottom with a 6oz patch on the fin area. We give the boards the gloss polish finish and they come 6” or 8” Centre fin and FCS side fins depending on their length.

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