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Duru Can Do: Joan wins 2nd Protest Vendee Pro Title
Joan Duru : photo Aquashot/

Le Protest Vendée Surf Pro

ASP 4 Star Mens WQS event
La Sauzaie, Brétignolles sur Mer - Vendée France
21 - 25 Avril 2010

Live Coverage  |  Results/Photos/Videos etc

Duru is first competitor to claim second consecutive Protest Vendee Pro Title  |  en francais ci-dessous

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 April, 2010 : - -  La Sauzaie, France -- Joan Duru (FRA) claimed his second consecutive Protest Vendee Pro title defeating Glen Hall (IRL) in a low scoring 35-minute final. Using his priority and taking advantage of the scarce waves on offer Duru made history being the first competitor to claim The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 4-Star Protest Vendee Pro twice in-a-row.

After waiting for the tide to push in over the reef at La Sauzaie consistent 3-4ft (1.0m) waves were on offer for the final day of competition of the US$ 85.000 ASP Men’s Star event. Late this afternoon the huge full tide meant fewer sets coming through the final hour of competition.

Joan Duru (FRA) was unstoppable today as he steam rolled his way through the quarters and semi finals to enter the final heat as clear favourite to take out this year’s title. Duru used his experience of the break at La Sauzaie to anticipate the ever changing conditions with the high tide and get some scores on the board before concentrating on any major waves.

Taking advantage of Hall’s decision to go on the first wave of one of the biggest sets of the day Duru paddled into the following wave to execute a series of powerful backhand smashes to score an 8.33 out of a possible 10 and clinch the victory.


Joan Duru : photo Aquashot/


“Glenn is a really good competitor and I knew the waves were going to be a little worse so I tried to get some good ones at the start but I fell off. He took the first wave of that set and he had priority and I don’t know what he did but the second one was good and that was when I got the victory.”

Visibly pleased with his win Duru maintained his composure and reflected on the Protest Vendee Pro, his European Men’s Series ratings and his future events.

“I like this place a lot and everything is perfect. The weather is perfect and there are so many people here today it’s great and it is good for me to be up high now on the ratings because I would really like to be European champion again. From here I’m off to Trestles where I hope to continue with the confidence I have gained at Vendee.”

Glen Hall (IRL) finished second at the Protest Vendee Pro his best result at this event and the outright lead on the European Men’s Series ratings. Holding priority for the majority of the final Hall found himself in a do or die situation as the clock ran down. Needing to get back into the final Hall made a last ditched effort to haul back Duru’s commanding lead but unfortunately his wave selection was off allowing his opponent the advantage of a much higher points scoring potential wave.


Romain Cloitre : photo Aquashot/


“I’m not too disappointed with the overall results and it was the waves that let me down a little bit in the final. I feel like I did a few errors with my priority but it was probably more the fact that I was just trying to get into the game because I hadn’t had a wave yet so that’s why I took that wave.”

Fewer and fewer sets came through leaving both finalists surprised at the situation they found themselves in. “We were both sitting out there getting cold thinking where have the waves gone so it was just one of those things and Joan came out on top so good on him.”

“The European title is really the goal behind the goal,” continued Hall on his European ratings lead. “I want to qualify for the WCT but they come together because if you do well here in Europe in the ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) then you are up there on the European ratings so it is really good for me to be in the lead now. It’s my best result here for sure because I’ve only been here once before so I’ll be back for sure next year.”

Romain Cloitre (FRA) fought all the way to the wire in his tight semi-final clash against eventual Protest Vendee Pro runner up Glenn Hall. Finishing equal 3rd his best result at the Protest Vendee Pro the 21-year-old from Capbreton was pleased with his result but felt his wave selection was one factor which did not help him in his bid to make the final.

“I am happy with my result and of course I would like to do better but Glenn (Hall) surfed really well in my heat and I didn’t catch the good waves so I only got a 5 but I am still stoked to get this result and this is my best result in Vendee so I’m happy with that.”


Romain Laulhe : photo Aquashot/


Cloitre trailed needing an excellent score to overtake Hall and waited for a high scoring ride. Attempting several big manoeuvres to impress the judging panel time eventually ran out leaving him out of the Protest Vendee Pro 2010.

“I was really looking for a good wave because I needed 8 points so I was looking to do a big air or to do something big but I didn’t find the wave and that is the end of my contest.” Rudy Palmboom (ZAF) also finished equal third after being unable to stop a freight training Duru. The young South African advance through his quarter-final clash and looked to be gaining momentum with each heat.

“I ended up having a good heat in the quarters because I had a good rhythm and I waited for the good ones but now it has gone a bit more flat so I was a little bit too patient letting good waves go and I couldn’t bounce back.”

Getting off to a slow start Palmboom never threw in the towel in his attempt to gain the lead. Knowing he needed a large score it came down to a waiting game which in the end proved fruitless. “I was trailing the whole way but I was determined to come back so I was just waiting for a bomb but it never really come so that happens but I’ll be back for sure next year, I love this place.”

The Protest Vendee Pro is stop nº2 of 12 in the ASP European Star Series 2010 which will eventually crown this year’s European men’s champion.  All results, news, photos and videos will be available at and through social networks and


Rudy Palmboom : photo Aquashot/


Joan Duru (FRA) 13.66 Def. Glen Hall (IRL) 6.66

Heat 1: Joan Duru (FRA) 16.33 Def. Rudy Palmboom (ZAF) 7.67
Heat 2: Glen Hall (IRL) 14.84 Def. Romain Cloitre (FRA) 11.43

Heat 1: Rudy Palmboom (ZAF) 13.00 Def. Frederic Robin (REU) 9.56
Heat 2: Joan Duru (FRA) 15.74 Def. Alain Riou (PYF) 12.20
Heat 3: Glen Hall (IRL) 14.00 Def. Romain Laulhe (FRA) 8.06
Heat 4: Romain Cloitre (FRA) 10.50 Def. Marc Lacomare (FRA) 6.23

Check the Full Results

1. Glen Hall (IRL) 2035
2. Joan Duru (FRA) 1880
3. Marc Lacomare (FRA) 1754
4. Alain Riou (PYF) 1561
5. Romain Cloitre (FRA) 1367
6. Frederic Robin (REU) 1162
7. Abdel El Harim (MAR) 1136
8. Damien Chaudoy (REU) 1136
9. Tim Boal (FRA) 1108
10. Christophe Allary (REU) 1105

One World Ratings After the Protest Vendee Pro

1 Burrow,Taj AUS
2 Durbidge,Bede AUS
3 Smith,Jordy ZAF
4 Fanning,Mick AUS
5 Slater,Kelly USA
6 Martinez,Bobby USA
7 Hobgood,C.J. USA
8 Parkinson,Joel AUS
8 De Souza,Adriano BRA
10 Buchan,Adrian AUS
11 Monteiro,Raoni BRA
12 Patacchia,Fredrick (jnr) HAW
13 Reynolds,Dane USA
14 Andre,Jadson BRA
15 Otton,Kai AUS
16 Hobgood,Damien USA
17 Dantas,Wiggolly BRA
18 Simpson,Brett USA
19 Kerr,Josh AUS
20 Davidson,Chris AUS
21 Ross,Daniel AUS
22 Bryson,Royden ZAF
23 Alves,Heitor BRA
24 Muniz,Alejo BRA
25 Kennedy,Stuart AUS
26 Duru,Joan FRA
27 Payne,Dusty HAW
28 Pires,Tiago PRT
29 Powers,Roy HAW
30 Irons,Andy HAW
30 Stedman,Luke AUS
32 Nicol,Yadin AUS
33 Wright,Owen AUS
34 Padaratz,Neco BRA
35 Wilkinson,Matt AUS
36 Courtney,Drew AUS
37 Lopez,Cory USA
38 Garcia,Sunny HAW
39 Cardoso,Willian BRA
40 Giorgi,Marco URY
41 Hall,Glenn IRL
42 Gudauskas,Patrick USA
43 Whitaker,Tom AUS
44 Perrow,Kieren AUS
44 Bourez,Michel PYF
46 Bettero,Hizunome BRA
47 Medina,Gabriel BRA
48 Ward,Chris USA
49 Sodre,Yuri BRA
50 Flores,Jeremy FRA
51 Collazo,Hodei EUK
52 Bacalso,Kekoa HAW
53 Atkinson,Dion AUS
54 Riou,Alain PYF
55 Zietz,Sebastien HAW
56 Neve,Dayyan AUS
57 Neves,Leonardo BRA
58 Thornton,Blake AUS
59 Knox,Taylor USA
60 Ware,Austin USA
61 Taylor,Lincoln AUS
62 Dunn,Ben AUS
63 Curran,Nathaniel USA
64 Munro,Luke AUS
65 Toth,Brian PRI
66 Palmboom,Rudy ZAF
67 Muscroft,Nic AUS
68 Gudauskas,Tanner USA
69 Aranburu,Aritz EUK
70 Cloitre,Romain FRA
71 Picon,Michael FRA
72 Larsen,Granger HAW
73 Morrison,Dean AUS
74 Acero,Eneko EUK
75 Cansdell,Shaun AUS
76 Fernandes,Gustavo BRA
77 Florence,John John HAW
78 Jackson,Brandon ZAF
79 Meister,Torrey HAW
80 Graves,Dylan PRI
81 Robertson,Adam AUS
82 Ettinger,Brad USA
83 Hedge,Nathan AUS
84 Walsh,Anthony AUS
85 Centeio,Joel HAW
86 Gonzalez,Jonathan CNY
87 Farney,Marcio BRA
88 Jhones,Alan BRA
89 Logie,Travis ZAF
89 Yeomans,Nate USA
91 Campbell,Mick AUS
92 Thompson,Jay AUS
93 Vargas,Jeronimo BRA
94 Lacomare,Marc FRA
95 Melling,Adam AUS
96 Rosa,Peterson BRA
97 Wood,James Taipan AUS
98 O'Brien,Jamie HAW
99 Polo,Marco BRA
100 Christie,Richard NZL

Check the Full Ratings


Jarrad Sullivan : photo Aquashot/





Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 April, 2010 : - -  La Sauzaie, France -- Le français Joan Duru remporte le Protest Vendée Pro sur le spot de la Sauzaie, première étape française du championnat du monde de surf professionnel. Ce jeune landais qui fête ses 21 ans aujourd’hui, empoche les 12 000 $ de prize money lors de l’ultime série de cette intense semaine de surf face à l’irlandais Glenn Hall.
Le premier quart de finale du Protest Vendée Pro est lancé à 13h00 avec une houle légèrement grossissante, permettant aux meilleurs surfeurs mondiaux encore en lice d’en découdre dans des vagues de 1,20 mètres en moyenne.

Le réunionnais double vainqueur en Vendée (2002-2003) Frédéric Robin ne peut rien faire face au sud africain Rudy Palmboom, 21 ans, qui s’assure un score de 13,00 points avec seulement 4 vagues surfées. Robin quant à lui ne parvient pas à dépasser la moyenne sans jamais atteindre une vague à cinq points.
Le deuxième quart de finale obtient la palme de la plus belle série de ce Protest Vendée Pro édition 2010. Le landais tenant du titre, Joan Duru, 21 ans aujourd’hui, sort le grand jeu pour l’emporter sur le tahitien Alain Riou, 23 ans. Duru démarre la série très fort en affichant un 7,50 points grâce à une longue vague où il enchaîne des grosses manœuvres bien engagées dans la partie la plus critique de la vague. Riou ne tarde pas à lui répondre avec également une vague notée 7,50 points l’amenant leader de ce quart de finale l’espace d’un instant ; en effet, Joan signe encore une superbe prestation sur sa vague scorant 7,57 points, puis avec des figures très radicales et puissantes, il voit sa prise de risque récompensée par un nouvelle note de 8,17 points, mettant un terme au parcours d’Alain Riou.

A l’image de Fredo Robin, le basque Romain Lauhlé, 25 ans et tenant du titre en 2008, ne parvient pas à aligner une note au-dessus de 5, laissant l’irlandais de 28 ans Glenn Hall performer petit à petit pour atteindre une vague à 7,67 points qui lui assure sa place en demi-finale. Le dernier quart voit une piètre prestation du landais Marc Lacomare, visiblement à côté de sa série face au réunionnais Romain Cloître qui se qualifie pour les demi-finales avec tout juste la moyenne (10,50 /20 points).
Plus il passe des tours, plus son surf est explosif : Joan Duru fait trembler le spot de la Sauzaie à Brétignolles sur Mer et le sud africain Palmboom en fait les frais : après une vague notée 6,17 points, Rudy ne parvient plus à retrouver ni son surf, ni des vagues. Avec un placement beaucoup plus opportuniste sur le plan d’eau de la Sauzaie, Joan Duru surfe une belle gauche limite shore-break et développe un surf radical et puissant, ponctué d’un aerial devant un nombreux public venu le soutenir.

Il inscrit là le score le plus haut de toute la compétition avec 16,33, détrônant ainsi l’irlandais Glenn Hall de son piédestal. Un appel indirect envers son adversaire en finale, puisque Hall parvient à se qualifier après une série intense, cadencée par un "mano à mano" contre Rom ain Cloître qui perd de seulement 3,41 points de différence.
Au cours de la finale et devant un public d’aficionados répondant par des "olé" à chaque figure des deux surfeurs, Joan signe sa victoire par une ultime vague notée 8,33 points au cours d’une finale légèrement soporifique où les surfeurs n’ont sorti le grand jeu que lors des 10 dernières minutes.
"C’est la deuxième fois que je gagne ici et c’est un vrai cadeau d’anniversaire !" s’exclame Joan à sa sortie de l’eau. Il rajoute "J’adore les compétitions en France et elles me le rendent bien – Joan a remporté Lacanau Pro et Protest Vendée Pro en 2009 – Ma tactique était de tout tenter, même sur les petites vagues avec une prise de risque maximale qui a finalement payé. Je suis super motivé pour atteindre afin le circuit WCT cette année".

Dimitri Ouvré remporte le Oakley Best Air après le vote des internautes sur le site Marc Lacomare remporte l’expression session Aloha Café & Atlantic Lézard Shop.

Finale :
Joan Duru 13,66 pts / Rudy Palboom 6,66 pts

Demi finale 1 :
Joan Duru 16,33 pts / Rudy Palboom 7,67 pts
Demi finale 2 :
Glenn Hall 14,84 pts / Romain Cloître 11,43 pt

Quart de finale 1 :
Rudy Palmboom 13,00 pts / Frédéric Robin 9,56 pts
Quart de finale 2 :
Joan Duru 15,74 pts / Alain Riou 12,20 pts
Quart de finale 3 :
Glenn Hall 14,00 pts / Romain Lauhlé 8,60 pts
Quart de finale 4 :
Romain Cloître 10,50 pts / Marc Lacomare 6,23 pts

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