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Team Australia wins ISA China Cup teams gold medal
Fernando Aguerre, Sofia Mulanovich, Heath Joske © Photo: ISA/Billy Watts


Hainan Wanning Riyue Bay International Surfing Festival
Presented by Quiksilver

ISA China Cup
ASP Hainan Classic 
Wanning, Hainan Island, China
7 - 14 January 2012

Live Coverage  |  Results/Photos/Videos etc  |  Slideshow

In a Dramatic Gold Medal Performance by Heath Joske, Team Australia Wins Gold at Inaugural ISA China Cup 

Peru’s Sofia Mulanovich Wins Second Individual ISA Gold Medal  |  Espanol

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 January, 2012 : - - Hainan Island, China - With 15 minutes to go in the final of the Open Men, Heath Joske was sitting in fourth without a single substantial score. In a matter of minutes, the ocean began sending waves his way and by the final horn he had the rest of the field needing a combination of scores to catch him.

Afterward, he didn’t credit his surfing or heat strategy, his explanation was a bit more lighthearted. “I guess the ocean must have been paying me back,” said Joske, minutes after he was carried from the ocean’s edge upon the shoulders of his Australian teammates. “I picked up a bit of rubbish off the beach the other day, so maybe China’s giving me a bit of respect and payback, thanks Hainan, xie-xie China.”

With Joske’s win and teammate Nic Muscroft’s fourth-place finish, Team Australia managed to out-point Team France for the inaugural ISA China Cup title and the team gold medal. The elaborate gold trophy was presented to Muscroft, the Australian team captain, by ISA President Fernando Aguerre.

With the long, lefthand wave at Riyue Bay continuing to produce rippable waves from Day 1 through the final, competitors were fully acclimated and that translated to some of the finest surfing of the four-day event.


Team Australia wins the Gold Medal  © Photo: ISA/Billy Watts

Sofia Mulanovich, a former ASP World Champ and the 2004 ISA World Surfing Games gold medalist, was in rhythm with the waves and her board from the beginning of the day. In her early heat she recorded the highest single wave score (9.50) and total heat score (18.17) of the Open Women in route to qualifying for the final. In the 40-minute final, she locked down the win behind her powerful, multi-faceted approach for a heat score of 15.27.

“I’m really, really happy. The waves are super fun, I’ve been hanging with my team, it’s just been an amazing week,” said Mulanovich, after being hoisted to the podium by her teammates. “Plus, I haven’t really won a contest like this in a while; I got a little sensitive and almost started crying.”

Mid-way through the men’s final, USA’s Cory Lopez was sitting in first, in control of the heat before Joske’s flurry of waves and high scores. His focus had been on France’s Marc Lacomare, who was in second at the time and needing just an average score.

“I made the decision to sit near Lacomare, that was my game-plan at that point, and we all ended up going deep, leaving Heath all alone,” Lopez explained. “I used my strategy and it didn’t work. That’s how it goes sometimes.”


Gold medal winners Sofia Mulanovich & Heath Joske : photo ISA 

After the heat, Joske’s enthusiasm was intoxicating. His smile from beneath his koubra (the traditional hat the Australians wear at team events) wasn’t budging. It’d been quite a while since his last contest victory, at any level.

“I was stoked when I got the call up for this event because no way in the world did I ever think I’d come to China, so I was pretty pumped to actually check out the place and see what it was all about,” he said. “To get a win in the inaugural event, an historical event – I’m stoked.”

At the closing ceremony for the ISA China Cup, President Aguerre, whose dream to develop surfing in China was being realized, was all smiles and compliments, wearing black and white checkered pants, which is typical attire for him for special occasions.

“This is the first but not the last ISA China Cup that we’re going to run in this country; next year we’re coming back to continue to make inroads to surfing in China,” he said. “To all the athletes, coaches, and organizers, like Womei Media, thank you, gracias, muito obrigado, xie, xie.”


Click anywhere for Closing Ceremony Slideshow  |  Day Three action Slideshow here

Tomorrow, January 11, the Hainan Classic, an ASP 4-Star event with a $95,000 USD, which is being produced by the ISA as part of the International Surfing Festival, will begin and it will be broadcasted live on hainaninternationalsurfingfestival.com. Competition will begin at 8:00am local time (4:00pm PST and 7:00pm EST).

Follow the Hainan Surfing Festival presented by Quiksilver via the excellent Live Coverage 

Open Women Final
Gold – Sofia Mulanovich (PER) – 15.27
Silver – Sarah Baum (RSA) – 13.70
Bronze – Diana de Souza (BRA) – 12.60
Copper – Justine Dupont (FRA) – 10.76

Open Men Final
Gold – Heath Joske (AUS) – 17.50
Silver – Cory Lopez (USA) – 12.33
Bronze – Marc Lacomare (FRA) – 12.30
Copper – Nic Muscroft (AUS) – 4.13

Final ISA China Cup Team Rankings
1. Australia – 12,930
2. France – 11,658
3. USA – 10,690
4. Peru – 10,028
5. Brazil – 9,760
6. South Africa – 8,880
7. Argentina – 7,690
8. Venezuela – 7,460

Watch the Live Coverage 



ISA China Cup Slideshows 

Pre-event | Opening Ceremony | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 

Aloha Cup / Sean Collins Paddle-out  Closing Ceremony


Live Webcast streams here when action re-commences
(clickl timeline bar at bottom to view on demand)




Official Surfline Surforecats Update
Updated: Tuesday, January 10th (local time) 

ISA Riyue Bay International Surfing Festival

BRIEF OVERVIEW: Surf will build from the east-northeast throughout the day on Wednesday, with fairly solid swell by Wednesday afternoon and especially Thursday. Decreasing surf takesover Friday, with smaller leftovers by Saturday. Strong offshore flow continues for the next few days.


SWELL/SURF: Building E/ENE swell throughout the day; starting in the 3-4’+ range with some bigger sets and building to 3-5-6’+ faces over the afternoon.
WIND/WEATHER: NE 18-25kts+.


SWELL/SURF: Solid, mid period E/ENE swell with 4-6’+ faces and occasional sets up to a couple feet overhead. More power/thickness to the surf with the increased size and swell period. 
WIND/WEATHER: NE 15-22kts+.


SWELL/SURF: Decreasing, but still fairly solid E/ENE swell in the 4-5-6’ range in the morning with some leftover larger sets. Smaller, fading surf over the afternoon.
WIND/WEATHER: NE 15-20kts+.


SWELL/SURF: Much smaller ENE swell leftovers with 2-3’ occ. 4’ faces.

High pressure over Northern China will strengthen on Wednesday, with increased northeast wind in the South China Sea of 25-35 knots over a fairly long fetch. The stronger wind over longer fetch length will lead to building East to ENE mid period swell through the afternoon on Wednesday, and solid surf on Thursday. The increase in swell period will not only help with size, but will also help with the overall power and push of the swell to. Details on specific surf sizes are above. 

Friday morning will still see fairly solid surf, but we’ll see a decreasing trend through the day. Much smaller leftovers prevail on Saturday. Wind will remain strong offshore or side/offshore through the remainder of the event; strongest midweek and easing for the last couple days of the contest. Next Update: Thursday, January 12th (local time)  

Next Update: Tuesday, January 10th (local time)   |   Online Forecast


Opening Ceremony                                                                              Day 1           




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About the International Surfing Association
The International Surfing Association (ISA) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the World Governing Authority for Surfing. It was originally founded as the International Surfing Federation in 1964 and has been running Open Division World Championships since 1964, Junior World Championships since 1980, and Masters World Championships since 2007. The ISA also sanctions the World Kneeboard Titles and the Tandem Surfing World Title, and the first stand-alone World Bodyboard Championship in 2011, and the first World Standup Paddle (SUP) and Paddleboard Championship will be held in 2012.

ISA membership includes the surfing National Governing Bodies of 70 countries on five continents. Its headquarters are located in San Diego, California. It is presided over by Fernando Aguerre (Argentina), first elected President in 1994 in Rio de Janeiro and re-elected seven times since. The ISA´s three Vice-Presidents are Alan Atkins (AUS), Karín Sierralta (PER) and Debbie Beacham (USA).

About Womei Media

Womei Media is a complete media group with headquarters in Beijing, China. Womei Media consists of a sports marketing division that is dedicated to introducing new and exciting sports to the Chinese people by organizing and promoting major sporting events throughout the country. Womei Media is an advertising agency for CCTV, China´s largest national TV network. The company also publishes and distributes print magazines, and it is developing a chain of movie theaters throughout China. Womei Media is the primary Chinese commercial agent of the ISA (International Surfing Association), UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), and the National Basketball Association´s Houston Rockets.

About Quiksilver

Quiksilver, Inc. (NYSE:ZQK) is the world´s leading outdoor sports lifestyle company, which designs, produces and distributes a diversified mix of branded apparel, footwear, accessories, snowboards and related products.The company´s apparel and footwear brands represent a casual lifestyle for young-minded people that connect with its boardriding culture and heritage.
The reputation of Quiksilver´s brands is based on outdoor action sports. The company´s Quiksilver, Roxy, DC, Lib Tech and Hawk brands are synonymous with the heritage and culture of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. The company´s products are sold in over 90 countries in a wide range of distribution, including surf shops, skate shops, snow shops, its proprietary Boardriders Club shops and Quiksilver company-owned retail stores, other specialty stores and select department stores. Quiksilver´s corporate and Americas´ headquarters are in Huntington Beach, California, while its European headquarters are in St.Jean de Luz, France, and its Asia/Pacific headquarters are in Torquay, Australia.

Source: ISA

Author: Pablo Zanocchi

Tags: ISA, China Cup, Hainan China

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