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Banzai Pipeline

22 January, 2015 - WSL QS: The waiting period for the 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro, a WSL QS 3000 rated event, is set to begin Thursday, January 29th at the World...
5 December, 2014 - HISTORY: The iconic setting of Banzai Pipeline will serve as the final stage for the 2014 ASP Heritage Series. Sunny Garcia (HAW), Tom...
Lowers, ASP, Rowland, Pacifico, ASP World Championship Tour, Huntington Beach, Lower Trestles, Honolua Bay, Banzai Pipeline
21 April, 2014 - INDUSTRY: The Association of Surfing Professionals announces Pacifico as its official U.S. beer sponsor, participating in elite Tour events at...

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