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18Seconds issue 12: Amazing images, El Nino, more


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Inside this issue: India, Craig Anderson, Warren Smith, Mick Fanning, Jack Freestone & more

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 August, 2012 : - - 18seconds Magazine No. 12 Out Now: India, South Coast of New South Wales, Andrew Shield profile, long range surf forecast for Spring/Summer Australia, Craig Anderson, Warren Smith, Mick Fanning, Jack Freestone, Noa Deane and a whole lot more.

Inside No. 12 we have: A profile on Gold Coast photographer Andrew Shield and a bunch of his hypnotizing images. A story into unknown Indian territory with Craig Anderson, Warren Smith, Chad Koenig and Dillion Perillo.  We investigate how the new phase of El Nino coming into play is going to shape our Spring/Summer surf along the East Coast of Australia.

Flights are boarded, cars are hired as we travel to the South Coast of New South Wales to meet up with local freesurfers… and discover ain’t nothing going to transform this wave rich land. We profile North Narra whiz kid, Jordan Lawler. Jake 'Yaki' Newell (our music reviewer and writer) throws down his thoughts on Chance Waters and Split Seconds.

Senior Men’s Quiksilver Designer, Mr Reyner Horat offers tips on looking the goods this Spring and seven brands to look for. There’s also the Tour Time calendar for free download, plus a bunch of multimedia and sound clips.




Source: 18Seconds

Author: Andy Morris / 18Seconds

Tags: 18Seconds, Craig Anderson, Warren Smith, Mick Fanning, Jack Freestone, India

Magazines: Surfersvillage


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