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A staggering 200,000 shark fins seized in Ecuador

Drying shark fins © flickr commons/Maier



Shark News

Traffickers could be responsible for 300,000 shark deaths

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 May, 2015 - Quito, Ecuador - Today Ecuador's Z-News reports that oficials have arrested three suspected traffickers carrying more than 200,000 illiegal shark fins.

The three suspected trafficers were apprehended in Ecuador's main port city, Manta. The seizure was announced by Ecuador's Minister of the Interior, Jose Serrano, on Twitter. The post showed hundreds of shark fins, which are coveted in Asia, where it is used for cooking and in special medicines. 

Z-News reports that Ecuadorian officials believe the traffickers may be responsible for more than 300,000 shark deaths. 

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