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5ª edition Surfilm Festibal Donostia - San Sebastian



Donastia Surfilm Festibal

5ª edition Surfilm Festibal, Donostia, San Sebastian

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 May, 2007 : - - Surfilm Festibal and Donostia Kultura present 7- 10th june 2.007 Surf film and culture festival Surfilm Festibal 5, 2007. For another year SFF and the city of Donostia San Sebastián will become the center of spanish surfing for a few days.

To celebrate the 5th edition of our festival we keep on upgrading our offer, giving depth to our contents, opening new areas but always staying true to our philosophy of quality and compromise with surfing, all this with our own funny style, shaping the identity of SFF.

Environmental issues at the Aquarium, film projections at the Teatro Principal, exhibition in La Cripta and host venues, and finally a good new spot for the party / concert / projections. For the second year we’ll be hitting the road with the Surfari Surfilm Festibal, the itinerant event we take to different cities in Spain. 3 cities are already confirmed.

Our festival is maturing alongside surf culture in our country. Surfing is fashionable and we feel responsible for transmitting a serious image of it but with our laid back and fun style, to enjoy good times in the meantime! We are also becoming the meeting point where surfers, photographers, producers, scientists, curious people, musicians and artists related to surfing get together to enjoy the images and emotions of the last surfing season.

What’s the story?

This year Surfilm Festibal reaches its 5th edition. For a 10 year old grommet it´s half of his life, a teenager might have been surfing for 5 years already, for a grown up surfer 5 years could be the time where he got the best waves of his life.

For us it seems like many years, but at the same time it feels like it was yesterday when we pushed the play button of the first movie. 250 persons filled the Aquarium to watch The Cristal Voyager (1971), the cult movie presenting the life of the revolutionary and visionary George Greenough. In the 4th edition of SFF, a full house of 650 persons rocked the theatre the day of the opening.

They all came to the presentation of Guranginjhan (2006), the documentary made by Manex Artola and Pablo Azkue. It tells the history of Playa Gris, the big wave spot in Getaria which is turning heads worldwide with its constant Billabong XXL images, its players Ibon Amatriain, Mikel Agote, Asier Muniain or Pablo Garcia where with us to receive some props.

In these 5 years we´ve gone from 1000 persons the first year to the 8000 persons that attended the different events last year. We´ve also gone from projecting nearly exclusively film productions from overseas, to a considerable amount of Spanish films.

From only doing projections, to treating environmental issues thoroughly, organising surf culture exhibitions in awesome spaces such as the Naval Museum, Casa de Cultura de Okendo, or putting together incredible parties which rage and gather everybody in town!

Also, last year we started surfing other breaks. The concept Surfari Surfilm Festibal was launched taking the spirit of our festival to different cities. Barcelona, Zarautz, Hondarribia, Gijón and Ribadeo were the chosen places. Simple projections in some cases, parties and concerts in others, it was a good trial and we observed the mix surf projections + nightime parties are a perfect mix for extended fun!

What are we looking for?
Fun, artistic quality, environmental compromise, raising questions about the development in surfing, trying to find answers to some of our problems. We would like to become the place where we can gauge where surf culture is at in our country, showing a selection of the best films every year, putting together surf culture exhibitions, giving support to interesting less commercial surf culture related projects, raising environmental issues which affect us.

We want to reach a vast array of surfers from all our country and why not worldwide as we grow slowly. We intend to make people create movies and we are the perfect support to show and promote them. Surfari Surfilm Festibal wants to surf different good spots. It aims to take a selection of our contents and the whole vibe of the festival to different surf spots/cities we like.

During June, July and August 2007, we’ll be visiting different cities to project movies, images of the different exhibitions on this edition, always finishing with the Surfilm Festibal sound system, its concerts and big parties.

What are we doing this year?

Films, environment, exhibitions, big concerts , parties and itinerant festival. The film program aims to be more open than ever, productions from around the world, different styles and vision of surfing. The theme of the environmental day in the Aquarium is “sustainability and surf industry”. Projection of a documentary about surf industry in the US, then a round table with key players of the European surf industry.

The exhibition this year will present the work of Andrew Kidman and Andy Davies and their “Way of the Bird”, the book about surfing for kids. Alongside with the exhibition a small edition of the book in Basque will be issued. The party will be bigger than ever! An incredible space, a couple of strong concerts, and as usual the full house sign posted outside, good vibes and fun!!

Surfari Surfilm Festibal has already 2 spots confirmed…

1. Film projections:

- Teatro Principal: A selection of the most interesting, personal surf film productions of this year. We fully support local and European stuff.

2. Parallel activities:

Environment in the Aquarium: “Sustainability and surf industry”. Projection of a documentary and round table with a selection of key players in the European surf industry.  Surf culture exhibition in La Cripta: “Way of the Bird” presents some of the originals which make up this wonderful book created by Andrew Kidman and Andy Davies.

SFF party: bigger than ever! 2 rocking great surf music bands, SFF sound system, the recipe for always being THE party in town! Surfari SFF: tour around a few spots around the country. We already have 2 spots confirmed, in San Sebastián La Terraza del Kursaal, and Hondarribia at a super open air spot.


- Environment day: “Sustainability and surf industry” Aquarium, Thursday june  7th

Projection of a documentary about the surf industry in the US, “Riding the wave”, by Chris Cutri, assistant professor at the Communications Department of Brigham Young University. Consumption, consumerism, and corporation-principles that surfers once  loathed- have accelerated surf culture into a mainstream entity.

What once started out as a rebellious sub-culture is now embraced by  popular culture. Surfing's enormous growth is documented in this new film directed by Chris Cutri.

As a collateral theme, surfing depends 100% on the environment. Our surf industry is reaching a certain degree of maturity with huge turnovers and many corporations in the stock market. We use highly toxic and non ecological resources to make our surf boards, to create “our” garments etc… As surfers we are more aware  (or at least should be) of the word “sustainability” and its implications in our market, and a few of us start to consume with this in mind.

Many brands are launching “green” lines or environmental programs, a few magazines are published in post consumer recycled papers and “clean” ink. ASR San Diego is going to use “green” power and recycled materials for this summers 2007 edition.

We always intended to be a compromised festival. We go a step further involving our industry in a round table which aims to promote this conciousness . We will try to find ways of being a more sustainable and “green” industry for the sake of our waves and planet.
- Film projections: Teatro Principal June Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th.

We stay true to our ethos. Non commercial surf flicks, strange visions of our sport, footage of last year´s epic sessions, all with diversified origin countrywise. For this year we’ll have many more local surf films than ever on the program. We are stoked to notice how people are getting motivated to make little budget films that nevertheless tell a lot about our surf culture..

We always try to include a rare gem which depicts surfing in a collateral, maybe arty form, for our non surfing public.

- Art exhibition “Way of the Bird”. Sala La Cripta, open all June:

- The exhibition: It shows some of the original drafts and drawings that appear in Andrew Kidman and Andy Davis’ book.
- Edition of the Basque version of the book: 1000 books will be published in Basque.

- Surfilm Festibal Party: saturday June 9th 22:30

Our parties are starting to be classics! We always have more than full houses! This year we go to a bigger venue, 2 surf music bands, 2 Surfilm Festibal Sound System dj´s. We like ecclectic, party music! It surely rocks!

- “Surfari Surfilm Festibal” : itinerant festival

Our mobile SFF, film screenings, projection of this year´s art exhibition images, concerts and big party. We have confirmed 2 spots for this year allready. We will do the whole Surfari SFF if we get a sponsor strong enough to be able to finance it. The first stop would be in Hondarribia where we gathered 1000 people last year for the projections, concerts and big party. The second stop will at the Terrazas del Kursaal, an incredible open air spot just in front of La Zurriola beach, in San Sebastián


The festival will take place in different spots for the different proposals.

1. Teatro Principal: In the heart of San Sebastián’s old town, a beautiful old school theatre, also the home to the classic Fantastic and Horror Film festival and some screenings of the big San Sebastián Film Festival, a super soul place, with room for around 700 persons.

2. Aquarium: That´s where it all started. We´ve kept it as the place for the opening day of the festival, with the debate about environmental issues. It is located at the old port, perched on top of the Cantabrian sea, unreal spot.
3. La Cripta: The perfect place for this year´s exhibition. It´s a beautiful historic stone building, on the next street parallel to the Teatro Principal.
4.Antigua cofradía de Hondarribia: Amazing open air venue right in front of a fabled disappeared rivermouth wave.

5. Terrazas del Kursaal: Open air terrace  just in front of La Zurriola beach in San Sebastián.

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