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6-Star Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro by Rip Curl kicks off



Day 1 action : photo ASP South America

Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro
Presented by Rip Curl

ASP 6 Star WQS Mens event
Itauna, Saquarema Brazil
14 - 19 July 2009 

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Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro inaugurado na terça-feira

Brazilian Yam Guimarães Dominates Opening Day of Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro pres. by Rip Curl   |  Portugues

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 July, 2009 : - - Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro -- The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) 6-Star Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro pres. By Rip Curl saw the opening day of the first ASP WQS 6-Star event in the great waves of Itauna Beach at Saquarema City.

The Tuesday morning started with blue sky in the "Surf City" of Saquarema and clean waves of two-to-three foot (0.5-1 metre), but with the strong southwest wind in the afternoon the conditions changed and the competition stoped at the 16th heat of Round of 144.

Brazilian Yam Guimarães 23, donated the day’s highest scores for a combined heat total of 15.50 out of 20 in the eleventh heat of the Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro pres. by Rip Curl. Yam crushed the day’s highest single wave score when he annihilated an Itauna lefthander earning a 8.33 out of 10. The talented Brazilian then capitalized on a beautiful righthand wall and scored a 7.17.

"Was great. Although the waves are really small then yesterday I gave luck to find good waves to win the heat" said Yan, who has only 18 years old. "I was very sick this morning, with fever, I even ask to transfer my heat. But I decided to compete and it was good that I came. This type of waves, small and messy is not my strong point, but I'm at home and I know this wave very well. I hope that the waves rise in the coming days to improve my surfing too”.

A total of 144 surfers from 16 countries signed up to dispute the $ 145,000 total prize money in the ASP WQS 6-Star Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro. Most are from Brazil and the largest contigent of International Surfers in Itauna are from Australia, with 17 athletes, followed by the United States (14), South Africa (5), France (4), Spain (2), Tahiti (2) , New Zealand (2), Chile (2), Mexico (2), Hawaii (1), Japan (1), Portugal (1), Puerto Rico (1), Argentina (1) and Uruguay (1). Some of them like already competed on the first day and the first to win was the Australian Brent Dorrington.

“Yeah, My heat was all right, good start for me, I had a few fun waves, My first left was pretty good, I got a 7 and them I found another right and move on” said Dorrington, “I’m enyoing here, yesterday when we arrived was totally different, the waves was big and I used a bigger board and today is a little bit small but still a very fun wave”.

The Australian attack continued when Lincoln Taylor won his heat at Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro pres. by Rip Curl  over American Bruno Rodrigues (2nd), Brazilian Cristiano Spirro (3rd) and the surfer from Mexico Oscar Davo (4th). Taylor also commented about the his first heat at the event.

“I feel good, I didn’t went well at Florianopolis last week, so its always good found some scores out there and have a little fun. The waves is ok, is not what I expected but the sun is out and the the weather is good, with is great for a surf contest” spoked  the Australian.

South-African Royden Bryson was another International Surfer who advanced to the Round of 96 of the Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro pres. by Rip Curl after finishied in second in a heat with just a few waves.

“The heat was really difficult, nobody was catching the waves. Fortunately I found a good left in the end to secure my position, so I think I was lucky and the other guys couldn’t do anythink” said Bryson, who also talked about the massive waves on Sunday. “I arrived on Sunday and the waves were big and very difficult to surf, this wave seems to be very good. I hope that the swell increase for the rest of the week and we can see big lefts again”.

After the on-shore winds increased and the waves become very messy, the Contest Director of Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro pres. by Rip Curl decided to stop competition on the heat number sixteen, when Australian Luke Campbell won the last heat of the day.

“It’s pretty windy out there but still some waves. Yesterday was bigger than today but in the morning we had some clean waves but now with the on-shore wind is really messy. The Brazilians are good competitors, really determined and Its not easy to surf against them here in Brazil” completed Campbell.

The next call is tomorrow morning at 7:30am for a 8am start.

The Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro presented by Rip Curl is a realization of Adding Sports with sponsor by Coca-Cola, Rip Curl and Rio de Janeiro State Government and Secretaryship from the Turism, Culture and Sports of Rio de Janeiro and Saquarema Local Government and Secretaryship from Turism, Culture and Sports of Saquarema; with the support of Ministry of Tourism of Federal Government and Unimed Araruama. The event is a 6 star event sanctioned by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) – ASP South America, realization by Rio de Janeiro Surf Federation (FESERJ) and Saquarema Beach Local Association and Live Coverage by ESPN Brasil TV and live web coverage.

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