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Action heats up Day 2 of Surf Open Acapulco

Cam Richards,  Surf Open Acapulco, Mexico, ASP WQS, ASP Star, Association of Surfing `Professionals
Cam Richards © ASP/Morais




Surf Open Acapulco 

ASP 4-Star Men's WQS
Playa Revolcadero, Acapulco, Mexico
8 - 12 July 2014

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Playa Revolcadero welcomes back ASP 4-Star event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 July, 2014 - Playa Revolcadero, Acapulco, Mexico - Day 2 of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 4 star Surf Open Acapulco was jam packed with 24 heats of surfing, completing Round 3 and progressing halfway through Round 4. The welcoming beach break of Playa Revolcadero greeted competitors with a slight drop in size and light winds, offering clean three to five foot conditions with long workable rides all the way to the shore.

The performance of the day went to Mitchell James of Australia in Heat 5 of Round 4 as he managed to rack up a 15.53 (7.83 + 7.70) heat total, which is the highest heat score of the event so far. The regular-footer showed his true form on a few rights and connected a couple of solid hacks. His powerful yet stylish forehand attack earned him a heat win and a spot in Round 5.
“It was a bit tricky” James Explained, “But I just waited for the second wave of the set because it was cleaner, and I tried to go for the bigger ones. I’m looking to just make a few heats because I didn’t do to well at the last event (Los Cabos Open of Surf). This is my first time in Mexico so I’m loving it. The food is good and the water is warm.”
Mitchell has already far surpassed his last result in Los Cabos where he lost in Round 1, and can expect to see a bump in the series ratings where he currently sits at No. 161.
In Heat 13 of Round 2 the young Noah Schweizer (USA) had a breakout performance placing first and dropping an 8.00 to tie with the highest single wave score of the event. The Floridian is fairly new to the Qualifying Series, only having done two other events prior to Acapulco. Schweizer is looking to build up some rating points at this event and his approach seems to be working so far.
“It was actually really fun out there” Said Schweizer. “It was a little mushy but you could fit in a bunch of turns, a lot of leg burners. This is my first year at this event in Acapulco and only my third ever QS (Qualifying Series) event. I’m having fun though and I guess the waves are supposed to get a little smaller tomorrow and I’m a smaller guy so hopefully I’ll do well.”
Another worthy showing came from Noe Mar McGonagle of Costa Rica when he clawed his way through his Round 4 heat dropping a 7.03 in the dying seconds to put himself in advancing position. The regular-footer utilized his strong and precise backhand and went to town on a long lefthander before laying the finishing crack just feet from the sand.
“Towards the end I knew I needed a score and I was debating where to sit out there,” McGonagle said. “Luckily I stuck to the right peak and I am just stoked to have gotten that one at the end and make it through so I can get a chance to better my result from last year (equal ninth).”
The Surf Open Acapulco is scheduled to run from July 8-12 and will be live via webcast at
Surf Open Acapulco Round 3 Results:
Heat 1: Kevin Sullivan (HAW) 11.67, Bruno Rodriguez (BRA) 7.90, Kona Olveira (HAW) 7.23, Tristan Guilbaud (FRA) 5.20

Heat 2: Noe Mar (CRI) 10.83, Kaimana Jacquias (HAW) 9.97, Colt Ward (USA) 9.60, Myles Laine-Toner (USA) 7.60

Heat 3: Alan Donato (BRA) 9.83, Magnum Martinez (USA) 9.37, Tom Cloarec (FRA) 8.00, Jonah Carter (USA) 7.20

Heat 4: Alcides Lopes (BRA) 13.97, Angelo Lozano (MEX) 12.87, Nic Hdez (USA) 9.74, Kan Watanabe (JPN) 7.97

Heat 5: Robson Santos (BRA) 13.26, Hideyoshi Tanaka (JPN) 9.60, Gabriel Farias (BRA) 9.50, Sasha Donnanno (MEX) 7.30

Heat 6: Tomas Fernandes (PRT) 13.17, Matt Passaquindici (USA) 11.30, Paul Cesar (FRA) 11.24, Nelson Cloarec (FRA) 9.10

Heat 7: Kilian Garland (USA) 12.70, Dylan Southworth (MEX) 12.27, Kaishu Tanaka (JPN) 10.40, Kain Daly (HAW) 9.87

Heat 8: Caetano Vargas (BRA) 10.83, Ariihoe Tefaafana (PYF) 9.93, Mihimana Braye (PYF) 9.23, Jason Harris (USA) 6.43

Heat 9: Chris Foster (HAW) 11.66, Francisco Bellorin (VEN) 11.10, Andrew Jacobson (USA) 8.40, Todd Rosewall (AUS) 8.33

Heat 10: Jake Davis (USA) 12.86, Johnny Noris (USA) 12.60, Harrison Mann (AUS) 9.76, Victor Bernardo (BRA) 8.24

Heat 11: Reo Inaba (JPN) 13.03, Colin Moran (USA) 10.50, Joao Kopke (PRT) 9.14, Israel Barona (ECU) 0.83

Heat 12: Lucca Mesinas (PER) 13.16, Ethan Egiguren (EUK) 9.54, Vehiatua Prunier (PYF) 8.40, Rob Kelly (USA) 7.70

Heat 13: Alejandro Moreda (PRI) 12.53, Dimitri Ouvre (GLP) 10.93, Adam Goldstone (USA) 6.80, Patrick Curren (USA) 5.64

Heat 14: Noah Schweizer (USA) 13.03, Pedro Henrique (BRA) 12.33, Kaisa Kawamura (JPN) 8.00, Enrique Arlitu (PYF) 7.10

Heat 15: Cam Richards (USA) 11.37, Alexandre Chacon (BRA) 11.26, Kaito Kino (USA) 9.84, Knox Harris (USA) 8.63

Heat 16: Rafael Pereira (VEN) 12.07, Calina Barletta (BRA) 10.40, Jake Kelley (USA) 9.10, Gabriel Andre (BRA) 8.67
Round 4 Heats 1-8 Results:
Heat 1: Lucas Santamaria (ARG) 10.67, Kalani David (HAW) 10.23, Kaimana Jaquias (HAW) 10.10, Kevin Sullivan (HAW) 9.73

Heat 2: Keoni Yan (PYF) 13.23, Noe Mar (CRI) 12.26, Parker Coffin (USA) 11.03, Bruno Rodrigues (BRA) 8.77

Heat 3: Cahill Bell-Warren (AUS) 12.03, Alan Donato (BRA) 10.00, Raul Medina (MEX) 6.50, Angelo Lozano (MEX) 4.83

Heat 4: Ty Watson (AUS) 10.67, Matheus Navarro (BRA) 9.77, Magnum Martinez (USA) 9.30, Alcides Lopes (BRA) 5.56

Heat 5: Mitchell James (AUS) 15.53, Jerome Forrest (AUS) 11.13, Matt Passaquindici (USA) 10.16, Robson Santos (BRA) 9.14

Heat 6: Tomas Fernandes (PRT) 13.20, Michael Rodrigues (BRA) 12.24, Hideyoshi Tanaka (JPN) 9.90, Jeffrey Lukasik (USA) 9.36

Heat 7: Killian Garland (USA) 12.50, Guillermo Satt (CHL) 8.90, Saxon Lumsden (AUS) 8.60, Ariihoe Tefaafana

Heat 8: Caetano Vargas (BRA) 12.33, Shun Murakami (JPN) 10.57, Dylan Southworth (MEX) 6.77, Kylen Yamakawa (HAW) 5.42

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