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Clip pokes at fires burning in Adriano de Souza

Adriano de Souza © Red Bull



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Learn about the wave that fueled Adriano's competitive demons

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 June, 2014 - While a bulk of the world’s best surfers skated through childhoods gorged with opportunity, Adriano de Souza came from nothing. ADS grew up in one of Sao Paulo’s cruellest neighbourhoods. He was raised in a do-or-actually-die environment. And he did.

Adriano fought through every last thorn of adversity and built himself into a world-class athlete on the WCT. It’s a story of triumph and one worth sharing, which is exactly why we are bringing you a new series, Waiting Period.

We’ll be giving you an exclusive glimpse into the mind of the World Tour’s finest just days and hours before the start of some of the biggest surf contests on the planet. It's a chance to go inside their headspace, as they give revelatory interviews and narrate each piece in the first person. 




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