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Agenda Long Beach sees heaps of traffic for Spring 2016 lines



Industry Updates

Brands gather in Long Beach to connect with buyers

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 July, 2015 - The Agenda Trade Show went down on July 8 and 9 at the Long Beach Convention center. The show, which has expanded rapidly over the past five years, saw lifestyle, skate and surf brands show off their Spring 2016 lines (yes, that is a ways off isn't it?). It was also a good time for brands to debut new looks and concepts. Here's a quick rundown on some of the highlights we saw this year...

Quiksilver has changed direction a bit. While last year their booth was split in two - one side for technical wear (Jeremy Flores) and one for lifestyle wear (Ando & Dane), Spring 2016 is all about getting back to Quik’s core board shorts. Josh Rush is the creative design director behind the new movement which borrows heavily from each decade’s famous contributions by Quiksilver while at the same time celebrating Brazilian nightlife with Mikey Wright and crew.

Superbrand continues to amaze with their line of surfboard-matched clothing. Bold blacks and gold and much more are on the way from the brand which will be introducing new surfboard models as well.

Poler’s “Camp Vibes” ethic, while entrenched in the Pac Northwest, is now venturing south to surf central SoCal. The company continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Sanuk’s line of shoes - launched last year - continue to expand in new styles and color ways. While not as loud and vibrant as previous patterns, all continue to riff on Sanuk’s fun, tongue-in-cheek theme.

DC has big news in surf, which we’re not allowed to talk about - will let you know more as soon as we know more. But we can tell you that their Cruiser Island print series is both fun and core. Look for more coming soon...

Spring 16 Collection from RVCA features new wares from long-time advocate Alex Knost as he continues to build on his previous collection. It's classic Knost style inspired by secondhand shops far and wide, thrift store finds, and patterns steeped deep in illustrations, grandpa stripes, and stonewash denim. 

Vans continues to grow the Joel Tudor collection and expands deep into the hipster enclaves with some new Captain Fin product, Nexpa Lite Sandals and the much-anticipated Dane Reynolds line called Dane's brain.

Rip Curl continues on the technical avant-garde as they forge deeper into the flexible frontier with their zip-free flash bomb and E-Bomb wetsuits.

Full Agenda review coming soon...

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