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Alberto Munoz Herrera wins Fox Cup Jaco

Alberto Munoz © Surfing Costa Rica




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Alberto Munoz claims title at Fox Cup 2015 at Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 May, 2015 - Jaco, Costa Rica - Today Esterillos Oeste, Alberto Muñoz Herrerato premiered at the National Circuit Kölbi presented by Adrenaline Rush, after crowning winners at the Cup FOX Jaco 2015.

Alberto, the brother of renowned surfer Carlos Munoz, won overwhelmingly over Olman Morales of Santa Teresa, Jason Torres of Jaco and Playa Hermosa Ariel Gutierrez. Today was Gutierrez's first final.

With a combination of 12.83 (6.00 + 6.83), Muñoz was more even than its peak follower, Olman Morales, who got the highest wave of the end of 8.00 points; however, he was unable to combine with another 4.84 to beat Alberto. 

The rest of the Fox Cup Jaco's results are listed below: 

FOX Cup Results


1. Alberto Muñoz (Esterillos Oeste)
2. Olman Morales (Santa Teresa)
3. Ariel Gutierrez (Playa Hermosa)
4. Jason Torres (Jaco)

Open Female

1. Lisbeth Vindas (Jaco)
2. Emily Gussoni (Jaco)
3. Leilani McGonagle (Pavones)
4. Nataly Bernold (Lemon)


1. Leonardo Calvo (Canyon)
2. Bruno Carvalho (Jaco)
3. Alex Rocha (Jaco)
4. Joseph Mendez (Jaco)

Junior Women

1. Leilani McGonagle (Pavones)
2. Paula Duarte (Jaco)
3. Emily Gussoni (Jaco)
4. Coral Wiggins (Jaco)


1. Agustin Cedeño (Panama)
2. Dean Vandewalle (Tamarindo)
3. Malakai Martinez (Tamarindo)
4. Joseph Mendez (Jaco)


1. Malakai Martinez (Tamarindo)
2. Dean Vandewalle (Tamarindo)
3. Oscar Urbina (Puerto Viejo)
4. Gabriel Córdoba (Puerto Viejo)


1. Samuel Reidy (Sunday)
2. Orion Eshel (Nosara)
3. Darshan Antequera (Jaco)
4. Aaron Ramirez (Jaco)


Female MiniGrommets

1. Valentina Resano (Nicaragua)
2. Lia Diaz (Tamarindo)
3. Pauline Summers (Puerto Viejo)
4. Candelaria Resano (Nicaragua)

Carlos Enrique Brenes

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