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Alek Parker and Balaram Stack join the Sanuk surf team


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Alek Parker and Balaram Stack join the Sanuk surf team

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 April, 2009 : - - Irvine - Sanuk, proprietors of comfort, climb to the top of a large hill and scream out the additions of Alek Parker and Balaram Stack. The frizzy hair of Florida’s Alek Parker and the city life of New York’s Balaram Stack are voting Sanuk for 2009. Both young surfers look to expand on their promising careers with an impressively rigorous schedule of competitions, documented worldwide adventures, and soft bocce.
“I’m really pleased to be with Sanuk,” says Alek. My hair doesn’t quite bounce right if my feet aren’t comfortable. I’m glad to have them as comfortable as ever!”  Balaram was equally as excited, “Sanuk is a great company. I’m looking forward to flying the flag this year and showing everyone what I am capable of.”
James Crush, Sanuk’s Marketing Manager, added: “The addition of both young surfers is great for us. To have that presence in Florida and especially up in New York is fantastic. We’re excited to see what comfortable feet can do for them.”
Hailing from Melbourne Beach, Florida, Alek Parker is established as one of Florida’s shining stars. His aerial antics, dancing ability, and smooth surfing bring international attention. As much of a professional on the beach as in the water, Alek recently founded the production company 321 Entertainment,
With A-Rod’s troubles, Balaram Stack becomes New York’s next big thing. The 17-year-old US Surfing Team member was recently dubbed the “The Surf Prince of Long Beach,” by New York Magazine. With his feet liberated, Balaram looks to become the first New Yorker to qualify for the World Championship Tour.
Founded in 1997 by Southern California native Jeff Kelley, Sanuk provides creatively inspired yet distinctively designed footwear products for the global outdoor community. Taking its name from the Thai word for fun, Sanuk strives to make innovative products that are as much about funk as they are about function.
Honored with the SIMA 2007 Footwear Product of the Year and the 2009 Irvine Soft Bocce Champions, Sanuk’s Sidewalk Surfers are known as "Not-A-Shoe" for their comfort and patented sandal construction. Sanuk continues to dance with a broad spectrum of premier superheroes, including spider-man Chris Sharma and singing dolphin Donavan Frankenreiter. Sanuk products are now smiling in over 50 countries worldwide.
For more information about Sanuk, interested parties can contact Bron Heussenstamm at 64 Fairbanks, Irvine, CA 92618; Phone: 949.707.2300; Email: Smile… Pass it on…


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