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Andrew Cotton heads leaderboard at



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Andrew Cotton heads leaderboard at

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 March, 2009 : - - Andrew Cotton has risen to the top of the leaderboard following his first ever cover-shot, in Wavelength this month. The North Devonshire man scored the shot whilst on a Wavelength trip to the  Canaries with fellow Croyde dweller Lyndon Wake and photographer Ben Selway.

This issue of Wavelength has been particularly helpful for Cotty's media  exposure, boosting him a massive 7 places up the leaderboard. Ironically, this pushes him 15 points ahead of Lyndon, who sits in 2nd place  having climbed 4 places due to this issue of Wavelength and a double-page  advert in Pitpilot.

Last month's leader, Oli Adams only needs 45 points to leapfrog back to the  top, and with the latest issue of Carve still to tabulate, the leaderboard  remains very close. is a website aiming to raise the profile of UK surfing.  The website provides an ongoing exposure leaderboard, where surfers are  scored each month based on their coverage in the top UK surf mags.

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