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Andrew Cotton puts out call for travel money



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Andrew Cotton seeks break 78-fooot world record

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 September, 2014 - UK big wave surfer Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton is on a mission to surf the biggest wave on the planet and set a new world record. In 2013 Cotty very nearly achieved this, surfing the second biggest wave of the year in Nazare, Portugal; measured at a monstrous 61 feet. In 2014 Cotty aims to travel the globe looking to break the current world record of 78 feet, and ride the biggest waves on the planet. To do this he needs help.

Cotty would like to raise £10,000 to help him realise this goal and document this epic winter season. Be part of something incredible and support his mission to bring this world record to the UK.


Incredibly, Cotty is without a headline sponsor with deep pockets to support his death defying mission. Working a both a lifeguard and plumber during the summer, he saves every penny to fund his winter chasing giant waves. This money doesn't go far as the nature of big wave surfing makes it astronomically expensive.

Travel plans to far reaching locations are last minute - filming is treacherous and incredibly costly with the specialist safety equipment needed. The big wave season in Northern Hemisphere is our winter,  huge storms which create the biggest waves can be expected anytime from October through to March. Being in the right place at the right time with all the right safety equipment is paramount.

Last year Cotty's big wave season was documented in a six part series, 'Behind The Lines'. This year, we also want to document this incredible journey. The aim is for every step, paddle and wipe out of Cotty's mission to be captured and released across the globe as episodes. To make this happen costs money, a huge amount of money. Cotty is driven by this mission but needs the support of other surf lovers to make it happen.

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