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Aritz Aranburu victorious at the Goanna Pro WQS in Spain

Aritz Aranburu : photo ASPEurope/Dimulle

Goanna Pro

ASP 1 star WQS Mens Event
Tapia, Spain
24 - 26 March 2005


Day 4: Aritz Aranburu wins the Goanna Pro.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 March 2005: - - Thrilling action this morning for the last day of Goanna Pro 2005 (1-star WQS). Biggest surprise of the day came from quarter final #4 with Patrick Beven and Kepa Acero being defeated by Pablo Solar and Jose Gregorio. The Frenchman lacked powerful waves, though he showed the public he has nearly recovered from his injury last year with interesting rides in tricky waves.

In first quarter, Sam Carrier was rewarded with the second best all-contest score with a 9.0, awarding five radical backside rollers on a long right ride. To be noted also, the toughest quarter which saw Aranburu and Bareto go through, defeating David Luis who has been fairly congratulated for his combatting heat.

As the semis approched, winds turned onshore and transformed the surfing area with closing and more powerful waves. In these conditions, the four competitors of the first semi surfed five waves in less than a minute! Barreto was quickly left behind, always needing at least 8.5 to qualify. Aranburu already seemed to be on a good day, taking first place, followed by Carrier. In the other semi, the defending champion Justin Mujica easily made it to the final with Pablo Solar, whose dynamism proved to be the most efficient here.

After a break before the promising 30-minute final, the four surfers went back in the water eager to fight hard to get the first crown of the year. Aranburu initiated hostilities with a good 7.75 to show his opponents he quickly found the right pace of the spot. Mujica didn't take too long to reply with smooth and fluid style on a long frontside right, scoring 6.75 points. Meanwhile, Sam Carrier was ambushed on the outside awaiting for bigger sets due to his higher weight, and the tactics eventually paid as he scored a good 6.8 wave thanks to radical backside rollers. A few minutes before the end of the heat, Aranburu on fire, showed that he was the master of Tapia today, with a last wave awarded 8.25 points. Pablo Solar was the outsider in this final as he has always needed a perfect 10 to win.

Aranburu's efficient and smooth style allowed him to make the better of Carrier second, Mujica third, and Solar quite far behind. Next competition on the ASP Europe Tour will take place in Peniche, Portugal for the Rip Curl Pro a 1-star WQS mobile event on April 14th-16th.


Gony Zibizarreta (Euskadi) : photo ASPEurope/Dimulle


Day 3: Bevan top scores the day.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 March 2005: - - Competition resumed this morning at Tapia with up to 2 foot sets coming in, and cloudy weather. Officials started with second heat of the 1/8 finals, with all top surfers entering then. Competitors had to prove excellent skills in small to medium waves to make their way to the quarters. Hundreds of spectators arrived rearly to watch the finals of the 4th Goanna Pro.

They didn't have to wait long to see some action. Despite bordeline conditions, Acero from Spain, French/South African Olsen, American Griffith and Cabrera from Canada made a good showing in the toughest heat of the day. Regular footer Olsen scored 12.17 (two best waves) taking the lead from his opponents; in the mean time Griffith took the second place with a series of difficult manoeuvers on his best wave scoring a 8.0. He might have thought that good mark would be enough but as timeran out, he missed another good wave to keep his precious second place. With a more average score, Kepa Acero eventually took it, but closed with 10.83 points against 10.67 for the American.

In the following heat Patrick Beven (Fra) and Justin Mujica (Esp) easily made it through to the quarters. Beven first rode a right and scored a comfortable 6.83 then definitively secured his lead with the best wave of the day scoring an incredible 9.5. The two regular footers were more at ease in the water today, as most of the better waves were frontside regular ridable.

Half an hour later, Officials completed the 1/8 finals round, and put the contest on hold, due to a lack of wave as the tide came up. That was it for the third day, as Judges, Organisers and Competitors made a call to give the Goanna Pro 2005 an extra day. Check in will be tommorow at 9:00 A.M.

Among the top surfers to meet in the quarters: Acero, Carrier, Aranburu, Bareto and co... the end of the contest should be more interesting, as level increases and the swell forecasts bring promising news

Steven Pierson (Tahiti) : photo ASPEurope/Dimulle

Day 2: Better conditions for Day Two

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 March 2005: - - It looks like clouds on the bay of Tapia have brought a more consistant swell for the second day of the Goanna Pro Championships. 3-feet glassy opening waves were the playing field for finishing the first round and starting the second. Officials decided an early start this morning at 8:30 sharp.

The heat that first appeared the trickiest of the first round was without a doubt #12. And it kept all its promises with a ripping Nuande Silva (Bra) battling with Portuguese Justin Mujica who both showed amazing comittment and agility on the water with scoring the two best waves of this morning (8.0 and 7.23 respectively).

To be noticed as well, good performance from the youngest surfer of the contest Avelino Vasquez (only 14 with pormising tactics already) who made his way to the second round yesterday but was defeated today at the very last seconds of the heat by Jose Maria Cabrera catching his best wave.

A few minutes later still in the second round, the audience of Tapia watched a tough runaway in heat #6 between Jason Griffith (USA) and Marcos San Segundo (Esp) switching from first to second place every five minutes. They both proved they deserved advancing to he next round.

As tide went up, Judges eventually decided to get the second round completed then directly come to the 1/8 finals which should be of the most exciting since all the best competitors went through to meet the seeded top surfers. Unfortunately the tide was too high so after the 1st heat of the 1/8 finals the officials put the contest on hold until 18:00 today.

More thrilling action to come...

Steven Pierson (Tahiti) : photo ASPEurope/Dimulle

Day 1: Goanna Pro kicks off 2005 Euro season

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 March 2005: - - The 4th Goanna Pro championship in memory of Peter and Robert Gulley started this morning under bright skies at Playa de Tapia, Spain. The best surfers ready to start the 2005 European ASP Tour were on fire, and had to to deal with a fairly beautiful 3-feet swell at low tide.

Some of them showed the numerous spectator crowd on the beach how eager they were to rip in the water: most impressive Steven Pierson (Fra) and Michel Velasco (Esp) who scored the best two waves of this morning session with 8.07 and 7.33. Pierson went through the toughest heat of the day, along with Nathan Hele (Fra). Also in this tricky heat, Jorge Villamil (Esp) fought hard with radical manoeuvers which proved to be insufficient to beat the two Frenchmen.

After heat #8, Head Judge and organizers made a call to put the contest on hold as the growing tide left a flat Tapia bay for the coming hours; unfortunately, the tide did not allow organisers to run any other heat for the day, though officials had waited until 7 P.M. to eventually call it off.

Forecasts for the following days are optimistic with a bigger swell coming in. With an earlier start at 8:30 A.M. for tomorrow, we should get even more action for this first 1-star event of the year.

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