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Aritz, Dorian, J.O.B. and Chippa go GoPro

Chippa Wilson © Fox



Team Updates

Four world-reknown surfers join 2014 GoPro Surf Team

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 July, 2014 - GoPro welcomes top name surfers Aritz Aranburu, Shane Dorian, Jamie O’Brien and Chippa Wilson to its roster of premier surf athletes.

“We’ve really enhanced our ability to capture never-before-seen GoPro surf content with the addition of these four talented surfers, who help round out our team of competitors, free surfers and big wave chargers,” said Todd Ballard, GoPro Director of Global Sports Marketing. “Being the official camera of the ASP further elevates GoPro to a level we’ve always wanted to attain, capturing on-board moments of world-renowned waves from globally recognized athletes.”

28-year-old Basque competitor, Aritz Aranburu, qualified for the ASP World Tour in 2014, helping carry the torch for European surfers and is considered to be one of the best European surfers on the ASP. His ability and skill to surf massive waves was solidified at the 2013 Big Wave Tour event in Punta Galea, Spain.

Another fresh face to Team GoPro is content creator and progressive surfer Chippa Wilson who hails from the beaches of Cabarita, Australia. He took the surfing world by storm when he released a series of web edits displaying his aerial talent, landing tricks like his signature Big Spin. Since 2012, Chippa has been featured in five separate surf film projects including Surfing Life Magazine DVD “On Location,” Kai Neville’s “Dear Suburbia,” Transworld Surf magazine’s “Let’s Surf Seriously,” Analog’s “Chromatic,” and the Kustom Airstrike.

Waterman Shane Dorian is no stranger to the ASP, having spent 11 years on tour. After retiring from the WCT in 2004, Dorian shifted focus towards big wave surfing, pushing the limits of paddle-in surfing during massive outer reef break sessions on Hawaii’s North Shore. He progressed the sport of big wave surfing with numerous tow-in sessions at famous locations like Jaws, going on to win the XXL Ride of the Year Award in 2008.

Fellow Hawaiian-surfer, Jamie O’Brien, helped to pioneer the field of professional freesurfing. Instead of living life on tour, he chose to travel the world and produce entertaining surf videos. JOB has a reputation for being the best of the best when it comes to surfing Pipeline and was recently awarded $20,000 for Surfline’s inaugural GoPro of the Winter award for the outstanding GoPro content captured in the water on the North Shore of Oahu.

Aranburu, Dorian, O’Brien and Wilson join GoPro’s already stacked team of surfers, which includes Kamalei Alexander, Alana Blanchard, Kalani Chapman, Sunny Garcia, Mark Healey, Harley Ingleby, Mikala Jones, Kelia Moniz, Hugues Oyarzabal, Lakey Peterson, Kalani Robb, Kelly Slater, Jamie Sterling, Anthony Walsh, Chris Ward and Monyca Byrne Wickey.



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