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Arrests made in connection with disappearance of two Aussies

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman



Missing Persons

Suspects say they shot two tourists on November 21

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 December, 2015 - Authorities in Mexico have arrested three men in connection with the disappearance and suspected murder of two van-travelling Australians, Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman.

According to a Yahoo! news report Chief state prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez said they arrested the suspects who then confessed to the shooting.

The suspects in custody said the robbery went wrong and one of them shot a long-haired tourist in the face when he resisted on November 21. The robbers killed the second man, drove the vehicle to another location and "set fire to the van with two bodies inside," Higuera Gomez told reporters.

The prosecutor stressed that the identity of the two bodies has yet to be confirmed through DNA tests.

The burned-out van belonging to Lucas and Coleman was found in Sinaloa state with two unidentifiable bodies inside. Both bodies had been shot. 

Two other suspects are on the run according to prosecuters. Higuera Gomez added: "These people are part of a criminal group dedicated to vehicle thefts, drug dealing and with a history of committing murders."

Lucas and Coleman, both 33 years old, haven't been seen since November 20 when they took a ferry from Baja Mexico to Guadalajara.

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