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ASC spawns India Surf Champs event this February

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ASC Updates

India Surf Festival will host competition in Odisha

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 January, 2015 - Bali-Indonesia: The Asian Surfing Championships announces the India Surf Championship, which is part of the upcoming 4th annual India Surf Festival, as the first ASC competition of 2015 and the first-ever ASC sanctioned event to be held in India.

Taking place from the 6-8th of February at Ramchandi Beach in the Odisha Province, approximately 60 km from the city of Bhubaneshwar on India’s East Coast, this groundbreaking professional surfing event will see a mix of local and international Men’s Open surfers competing for ASC championship points and their share of the $1,000 USD prize purse on offer.

 The India Surf Festival, now in its fourth year, is all about showing the worldwide audience it’s massive potential for boardsport activities such as surfing, kite-surfing, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) and Longboarding (Skate).

Amongst other activities it features a SUP Cup competition with $1,000 USD prize money, the Yoga on Water and Yoga on the Beach workshops, a Longboarding workshop, kite-surfing performances, the Hungry Lens photography event, art and music performances and much much more.  

The ASC was delighted by the request from event founder Sanjay Samantaray and his team to participate and sanction the Men’s Open surfing event.  “I’m very excited to be seeing India for the first time,” said ASC GM Tim Hain.  “I’ve known of the surf there from various sources over the years but have only seen it through photos and video.  

With its thousands of kilometers of coastline on both coasts, the untapped potential of India for surfing is mind-boggling, so being invited to participate in this event and to be part of the development and growth of surfing in India is really an honor. We’re very thankful to Sanjay and his crew for the opportunity, and looking forward to a great ASC start to 2015 in India,” he added.

According to India Surf Festival’s founder Sanjay Samantaray, surfing in India started in 2010 with a hand full of guys surfing along the 7000 km coastline of India. In 2012 ISF created history in making a small and humble beginning to bring together Indian surfers on one platform and invited the foreign surfing community to help kick-start the movement.  

Since then surfing in India has taken a new leap and identification as a life style sport, with SUP and kiteboarding leading the way to inspire the people of India to experience and learn the art of playing with water. 

“The arrival of the ASC and MLOB will definitely help India as it strives to gain recognition as a country in the boards sport industry. I hope a new horizon of boardsports will open for India and there will soon be enough availability of products and events that will produce a world class surfing community along the Indian coastline, and open up its beaches for potential surf tourism,” said Sanjay.  

Mike Eijansantos from Philippines-based My Life On Board is also very excited with the opportunity to be part of the event, saying, “It's our great honor to be part of this momentous event in India. The India Surf Festival will surely catapult the boardsport scene in India. Mr. Sanjay's passion and vision to promote boardsports in his country is indeed impressive, and we at are here to help not just now but also to support his future events.

It is our dream to go to India and experience the unique culture of this country. Can't wait to be there and meet everyone!" The India Surf Festival attracts thousands of sports and beach enthusiasts and has been growing each successive year, and with the ASC officially sanctioning the India Surfing Championship this year the Indian surfers themselves will be highlighted and launched into the international spotlight, putting India firmly on the map of both competitive and free surfing.  

An additional benefit to ASC sanctioning is the added potential of drawing surfers from nearby Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, and Thailand, as well as Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Taiwan, which will truly bring the event Asian if not global recognition.

Tim Hain

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