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ASP 6 star Mr. Price Pro WQS event goes live at New Pier


Mr. Price Pro

ASP 6 Star WQS Men's Event #19
ASP 5 Star WQS Womens Event #7
3A Surfing South Africa Pro Junior
North Beach Durban South Africa
29 June - 26 July 2008

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ASP 6 star Mr. Price Pro WQS event goes live at New Pier

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 June, 2008 : - - Durban -- As 200 revered international surfers tear apart the waves of Durban’s New Pier during the upcoming Mr Price Pro, folks in web land will be able to catch all the action on the new look website 

Last year the exclusive website for the 6-Star ASP World Qualifying Series event recorded over a million hits and within just days of its launch this year, has a viewership that runs into the thousands.

Thus far the site has had a total of 35 805 hits, 6 308 page views and over 1 000 unique visitors; understandable when you consider the world class imagery, comprehensive surfer profiles, funky wallpapers and screensavers as well as enlightening articles that provide visitors with a multi-sensory event appetizer.

Once the siren sounds for the start of the first heat on Friday June 27, viewers will be transported directly to New Pier beach where they will be able to watch every heat through live video and audio streams, available during contest hours from 8am to 5pm, on every day of competition.

The site will also boast live wave by wave score updates as well as results of previous heats, both of which will be accessible throughout the ten-day contest. Thanks to an innovative team of dedicated designers, photographers and writers will be peppered with fresh interviews, profiles, images and article updates to ensure no one misses a thing at Durban’s premier surfing event.

The R1.3m Mr Price Pro is the largest of its kind in South Africa and includes a 6-Star ASP WQS Men's division, 5-Star ASP WQS Women's division as well as a 3A Rated Surfing South Africa Pro Junior division.

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