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ASP News: interview with star rookie Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore : photo Towner/ASP Covered Images

ASP News

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Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 November, 2007 : - - Two weeks ago, rookie sensation Stephanie Gilmore took down a rampaging Jessi-Miley Dyer, Peruvian icon Sofia Mulanovich and reigning and seven-time ASP Women’s World Champion Layne Beachley all in one day to become the inaugural Mancora Peru Classic Champion.

How did she do this? Is she part of some secret Aussie training program that churns out super humans a la Bionic Woman? Is she actually from a distant planet far far away? ASP caught up with the budding superstar moments after her win to find out what her secret is…

ASP - So Steph, congratulations on the big win today, how are you celebrating?

Gilmore - Oh man, I’m just having an easy one tonight.

ASP - What? No champagne? No doof doof dancing? No fanboys?

Gilmore - Haha no. I actually don’t feel to well so if I can manage to keep dinner down, I’ll consider that a success.

ASP - So wait, you haven’t felt well all day?

Gilmore - No, I actually got violently ill last night and was just puking my guts out all night and this morning too.

ASP - You’re joking.

Gilmore - Nope. I was actually in bed until 11am when Layne (Beachley) came in and told that my heat started in 5 minutes so I packed up and headed over there.

ASP - That’s incredible. So how did you feel once you hit the water?

Gilmore - Oh, well my first few waves felt a little sketchy. My legs were wobbling, but after a while I started feeling a bit better.

ASP - As you would have had to given your opponents today.

Gilmore - Yeah, I had Jessi (Miley-Dyer) up first and she had been smashing it all event so I was just focused on one wave at a time. I got through that one, and thought ’oh man, that was fortunate,’ then I realized I had Sofia and went, ’well, it’s not getting any easier.’

ASP - It certainly didn’t. Then to cap the day off with literally a last-second victory of Layne must have felt good.

Gilmore - Yeah, I was pretty tired after my heat with Sofia and then they told us that the Final was going to be 40 minutes. Layne actually had the lead from the outset and I had to sit there and wait. I almost didn’t believe my eyes when that little wave popped up in the last minute. It felt really special. I’m quite proud of myself.

ASP - As you should be. What a phenomenal effort! Imagine how you would have gone had you not been ill?

Gilmore - Oh, I probably would have lost first heat - haha.

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