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Astrodeck launches new line of multigird traction sandals


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Astrodeck Launches New Line of Multigrid Surf Sandals

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 October, 2006 : - - Astrodeck Introduces Multigrid Surf Sandal  Herbie Fletcher announced that Astrodeck has introduced a new line of surf sandals. The product will allow surfers to feel the same positive multi-grid traction that the Wave Warriors have relied on for the last quarter of a century.

As soon as you put them on, you feel your toes in between the multi-gridlock squares which massage your feet as well as hold them in place. It is an ultra-light sandal, with traction that keeps the foot from sliding off the side or slipping when in crucial wet situations; a real plus for water enthusiasts.

You too can walk in the sandals of surfingâ€(TM)s future. Ask for them by name -- Astrodeck Multigrid Surf Sandals -- at the finest surf shops in the world.

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