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Aussie shark shield launches in United States



Shark Updates

Florida to sell Shark Shield devices 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 July, 2014 - An Australian-based company is bringing the device, called "Shark Shield", to the Tampa Bay area. For the first time ever, users can buy it from its first U.S. store. "You wear this on your ankle, and this antenna trails behind you in the water. Inside this antenna, we've got two electrodes," said Amanda Wilson with Shark Shield.

Those electrodes create an underwater electric field. When a shark comes close to someone wearing the Shark Shield, the devices causes spasms and keeps the sharks away. Officials say what's also interesting about "Shark Shield" is even though it repels the sharks, it doesn't hurt them.

"It doesn't cause any long term damage. It just causes the muscular contraction of their snout. As soon as they're outside of the field, that spasm stops."

The price tag on the Shark Shield starts around $600.

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