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Australian Josh Kerr top scores O´Neill SMAS Airshow

Josh Kerr winner of last Airshow : courtesy Surfing Austtralia

The O´Neill Airshow

2002 Vans SMAS Championships

In conjunction with the O´Neill Cold Water Classic

presented by Sobe
Chocolate (WQS men´s/women´s 1 Star)

Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, Ca.

24 - 27 October 2002

Josh Kerr top scores Day 1 of Airshow

Santa Cruz, CA, USA. October 24, 2002;

Conditions: 2-4 feet, glassy, building at day´s end.

Heats run: Trials Round.

Who ruled:
Aussie Josh Kerr is starting to make everyone feel like they´re stuck in the Twilight Zone. He nailed the highest heat score of the day thanks to nailing two airs--a frontside blast and then a double-grab 180--on one wave right at the buzzer. East side Santa Cruz up and comer Noi Kaulukukui along with west side´s Josh Loya were also looking solid and hold down second and third places in the standings going into tomorrow´s dogfight.

Best Heat:
Trials, heat 3: the ramps weren´t always easy to come by but Kerr, Noi and Loya all found their share and stuck solid airs for the attentive afternoon crowd. (Although, it must be noted that in the prior heat the air of the day would´ve definitely gone to Lane local Joey Hutson had he cleanly stuck a mind-blowing frontsider.)

What´s up next:

Main Event Round 1 (heats 1-6)
Outlook: Veteran pilots like Goose, Gavin Sutherland, Ratboy, Eric McHenry, Geoff Brack and Josh Sleigh will take to the sky in tomorrow´s six man heats. Goose is looking good to win the 02 Vans SMAS title but Sutherland, Diaz, Sleigh and Brack are also still in the running. With six grand on the line for the winner of the O´Neill Airshow and two different chances to get high points, you can be sure the boys will be going all out in their Main Round heats.

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