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Australia's Killalea area declared national surfing reserve


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Australia's Killalea declared national surfing reserve

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 June, 2009 : - - Killalea was officially declared as a National Surfing Reserve.  This declaration will mean The Farm and Mystics, two of the South Coast’s most popular surfing breaks, and listed in Tracks Magazines 101 Best Australian waves will become protected surfing areas.

The reserve covers 500m out to sea from the average high-tide mark at The Farm and extends southwards 3.5km to include Mystics.

Surfing reserves recognise sites of environmental, cultural and historic significance in Australian surf culture. This recognition helps raise awareness about the importance of protecting our precious coastal environment. 

National surfing reserves honour surfing and its unique place in the Australian way of life.  Australian surfers, and our surf breaks, are famous throughout the world while in New South Wales surfing is part of the social and economic fabric of many coastal communities. 

The legal protection government provides a national surfing reserve highlights the significance of the Crown land estate in ensuring our beaches are accessible to surfers and everyone else who wants to enjoy them.

The other four surfing reserves in New South Wales are:

    * Cronulla Beach National Surfing Reserve
    * Angourie National Surfing Reserve (near Yamba)
    * Crescent Head National Surfing Reserve
    * Lennox National Surfing Reserve


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