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Award winning film records birth of women's surfing in Iran




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'Into the Sea' now available through XTreme Video

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 January, 2015 - "Into the Sea," directed by Marion Poizeau, is an award winning documentary that shows how three young women overcome cultural barriers to introduce a new sport to Iran: Surfing.

The film follows Irish pro surfer Easkey, Iranian Pro snowboarder Mona and Iranian diver Shalha as they plant the seed of surfing in Iran. All three of these athletes share a passion and a belief that sport, especially surfing, is a way to break down social and cultural barriers and to connect with others. 

Through the eyes of these three main characters, the viewer experiences the journey from a unique and unusual perspective full of heart and emotion. After introducing the three characters, the film reveals their journey to the remote southeastern region of Iran, Baluchistan, where Mona and Shalha are going to learn to surf with Easkey.


The film show how these three young women are encouraging people to join them, not an easy task in Iran. But the enthusiasm and excitement from the local Baluchi community is breathtaking. 

The film also captures the diversity and complexity of Iran, documenting the contrast between the rural, traditional region of Baluchistan and the capital city of Tehran, where sport is already well developed. 

Through the eyes of these young, pioneering sportswomen the film explores why it so important for women to practice sport and how the apparently simple act of surfing can become a powerful creative medium for change.

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