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Bali groms go big at Senggigi, Lombok event

Senggigi © Mick Curley




Rip Curl GromSearch Series 

Asian Surfing Championships
Senggigi, Lombok
8 - 9 March 2014

Rip Curl offers winners tickets to National Finals

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 March, 2014 - Senggigi, Lombok; Rip Curl GromSearch 1st event of the 2014 series took to the road this weekend in Senggigi beach Lombok, where the Rip Curl Team landed to find the best Groms and offer them tickets to the National Finals. The Aqua-blue spot at Senggigi beach offered perfect conditions for the Groms with 2 to 3 feet waves, light winds and perfect blue skies till the end of the day. 

This 1st event received great number of participants, with 67 Groms in total signing-up to compete with more than 100 parents and friends turning out to cheer them on. People were very excited at the beach and the warm and friendly atmosphere contributed to the good time spent in participating in this event. 

“Thank you to have chosen Senggigi, Lombok as one of the Rip Curl GromSearch Series stop over this time, we are more than happy to have it again next year!” commented Syamsul Hadi, one of the local Grommets from Senggigi beach. 

With this years concept, Rip Curl GromSearch has extending the categories into 5 divisions. 

Starting with Raju Sena who was in highlight form on the day, ripping the heat to shreds scoring a total of 19.75 points in the under 16’s age division, scooping first place before Syamsul Hadi (13.15 points), Mega (12.5 points) and Lakey Peak’s Andre Anwar (8.6 points). 

In the Under 14’s division, Kin Goldman from Bali smashed his way to an impressive heat score of 18.5 points nailing the final, winning first place honors against his friends Ketut Agus (16.3), Tenshi Ishi (10.25) and Marta Waya (8.8) 

Senggigi © Mick Curley


In Under 12th division, Dani Widianto glided across the waves so well he made it to first place with a total heart score of 18.45 points. Varun Tanjung kept his Bali surfing heritage well and truly alive by taking second place (14.4) with Shu Kamiya Yasa (Son of legendary Wayan “Ganti” Yasa) taking 3rd place (10.5) and Laclan Turner in 4th place 

In the Girls division some fantastic performances showed once again that there is some great up- coming Surfers coming out of Indonesia. Pua Jhonson was in electric form throughout the day’s competition posting a nice score of 13.95 points, followed by sister Kailani Jhonson (12.2), Dea (7.7) and Cinta Hansel (7.0) for Girl’s division. 

One of the most exciting and fun categories of the day was the Micro Groms. This division was made for the smallest Groms who wanted to compete for the first time with a little help from their parents to push them into waves. Feeling the glide of riding a wave and the exhileration, fun and experience of a competition -  Rafi took out first place, Dimas came in second with Yuro in third, Coby in 4th and Pras in 5th. Congrats Groms! 

Moreover, the first Rip Curl GromSearch National Finals Tickets were awarded this weekend to Raju Sena (Bali), Syamsul Hadi (Lombok), Mega (Bali) and Andre Anwar from Sumbawa. 

With the new chapter and new look for the Rip Curl GromSearch in addition to this memorable surfing experience, Grommets got crazy with a brand new art element in the event brought by Posca Pen. Having the choice of lots of color, and accompanied by a professional artist who travelled from Bali to Lombok just for the kids, the Groms were taught how to draw on their surfboards resulting in lots of Surfer Grom artists getting busy with their Posca pen creations. 

Other activity was a Beach Clean-Up, which takes place at the end of every event in the series. Every kid seemed to take this effort carefully into consideration and managed to collect waste efficiently in a short time helping preserve the beach environment and educating other surfers to respect their local break. Thanks to “Senggigi board riders Lombok” and the local people for helping make the 1st series of Rip Curl GromSearch 2014 a huge success!! 

Next Rip Curl GromSearch will be held in the beautiful white-sand beach of Lakey Peak in Sumbawa, one of the most fun and challenging surfing spots of Indonesia with world-class waves. 

Tim Hain

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