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Barton Lynch helps out promising upstart Braden Porra


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15 Year Old is Ace in Big Waves

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 October, 2009 : - - Respected surfing mentor Barton Lynch believes young Warriewood big-wave rider Braden Porra can one day transfer his skills to the demands of competing on the world stage. At just 15, Braden is developing quite a reputation for his ability to tame the world’s biggest breaks.

“Big waves are his favourite and he really isn’t scared of much, in fact, he wants it to get bigger all the time,” Lynch, Braden’s coach for the past 18 months, said. “He is a great young kid. When his dad first brought him to me he wasn’t completely focused and into it. “But in the last three to four months he has really turned the corner and is really giving everything he has to his surfing.  “He trains really hard and has matured into a really good surfer and competitor.”

So good, that Lynch believes his young pupil can one day make the shift from tow-in rider to the World Qualifying Series or the elite World Championship Tour.  “He needs to focus on his small wave surfing and get that up to the same level as his big wave surfing,” the former world champion said.

“Braden has a really good head for competition and thinks strategically, which is rare for a kid his age. He listens and follows through and has what it takes to go places in the surfing world.  “Right now he is more naturally suited to the big waves, “But the WCT is all about surfing in good waves so an ability in big waves is really the most important part of the big picture. Small waves can be learned, but courage can’t.

“I know that he has the ability to do the QS (World Qualifying Series) and the CT (World Championship Tour).” Which is precisely what Braden has in mind. “That’s the plan,” the St Paul’s student said after school on Thursday. “Hopefully I can get there one day. I’ve been watching the surfing in Portugal ... Kelly Slater is my favourite.”

The talented young natural-footer said Lynch has been an influential figure for his surfing over the past year and-a-half. “It’s been really good having him help me in competitions,” Braden said.

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