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Bede Blog: Eyeing Rip Curl Search site eases Kelly pain


Bede Durbidge : photo Rowland/ASP Covered Images


Bede's Blog

Bede's Blog: thoughts of Rip Curl Search ease Kelly woes

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 July, 2008 : - - Gold Coast -- Just about everybody I’ve run into since J-Bay has asked me the same question – have the rest of us on the Dream Tour given up on catching Kelly? Well, personally, I can tell you I haven’t. And sitting at third on the current ASP World Tour rankings, I have to back myself.

But I’m also a realist. And right now I’ll readily admit it’s going to take a minor miracle for any of us to run down Mr. Slater from here. Going into J-Bay, I was thinking, “Okay, he’s had three wins but it’s still possible to peg him back”.  However, winning four out of the first five? Come on! None of us expected that and it’s going to take a herculean effort to reel Kelly in over the course of the rest of the Dream Tour.

So how is it that he is dominating so incredibly? I wish we all knew. What is plainly obvious is that Kelly just keeps surfing better and better every year. I don’t care what others are saying. In my book, he is definitely surfing better than I’ve ever seen and offering the best displays on tour so far. His win at J-Bay has just made the task for the likes of Parko, Taj, Mick, Andy, myself and others that much harder.

His experience is also really coming to the surface now. He’s also looking as relaxed as I’ve ever seen him and is clearly enjoying himself. That makes more of a potent package for his rivals. Outside of my equal fifth, J-Bay was also nice because we got the best waves of any event this year. It pumped the whole time except for the last six heats when the wind went onshore. It was so good to get really strong free surfing sessions in as well.

I felt I had a pretty good comp, but my timing wasn’t good on finals day. I woke up at around 3am that morning spewing up with the worst stomach cramps. I felt a little bit better for my Quarterfinal because of the adrenaline you get before you compete, but I felt well down on energy which is that last thing you need against a guy of Parko’s calibre.

Other than Kelly extending his lead, all of the current Top 8 on the ASP World Tour reached the Quarters so there hasn’t been too much jumping around among us on the rankings. I’ve grabbed a week at home on the Goldie to get some fresh boards from my Mt Woodgee shaper Wayne McKewen and also to have Gary ‘Kong” Elkerton touch up my fitness levels.

But I’m off again on Sunday for next ASP tour stop “Somewhere” for Rip Curl Pro Search We’re not allowed to tell anybody where it’s being held, but I’m pretty stoked with the venue.  I love Rip Curl’s Search format. Having a mobile event on the tour each year is a buzz and keeps us frothing over new venues.

More details in a future blog once I arrive at “Somewhere”! Sincerely, Bede Durbidge

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