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Bert Art escalates the "Mick Memes" with Mike Tyson reference



Surf Culture

Latest inspiration draws on famous Mike Tyson boxing mayhem

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 July, 2015 - Bert Art is surfing’s best stab at political cartoons. We don’t have daily inkers making stinging one-panel boxes to highlight the current political absurdity of the day. Surfing does not have a Wall Street Journal publishing powerhouse. But, we do have Bert Art.

Bert Art is street art done in stencils that highlight the topic-du-jour in the surf world. From Kelly leaving Quiksilver to Parko flipping off Kelly in the barrel, these topical water cooler moments in surfing are riffed on by Bert Art.

His medium is spray paint and stencils, an extremely difficult format to work in (each color has its own stencil and all stencils must align perfectly). Despite these hurdles Burt manages to inject some much-needed humor into the professional world of surfing.

Fittingly, after the JBay shark scene with Mick Fanning, Bert Art was quick to throw up this scene on a public wall in Southern California. It knocks on the famous Mike Tyson ear-bitting incident. Enjoy.

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