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Best way to find surf in South America? On a moto with your mate



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UK couple enjoy a Pan American surf adventure

Editor's Note: This article first appeared on Surfersvillage in February of this year...

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 July, 2016 - When it comes to surfing and travel many dream about the perfect trip, setting off somewhere warm, with endless waves and casting aside everyday life.

Not everyone has the opportunity to make dreams a reality but one couple from the UK’s North East coast have done just that and left the 9-5 behind for at least a year to travel the length of the Pan American highway on 150cc motorbikes with only surfboards and each other for company.

Tom Bing and Sally McGee set off late 2015 riding small motorbikes from Santiago, Chile to California over the next year, hugging the coastline as much as possible, planning on passing through 12 countries in total, clocking up around 15,000 miles.


Much of their small budget has been spent on the bikes so they are camping, couch surfing and exchanging work for accommodation as much as possible along the way. Surfboards were essential for the trip and they’re being carried by modified Northcore board racks on the bikes. They have small bikes and a lot of luggage so speed isn’t on their agenda!

Northcore are supporting the adventure and releasing short films made by the couple while on the road. There will be an episode for each country following their journey North, starting with the first release from Chile.

Northcore founder Matt Strathern commented “Tom and Sally’s trip really inspired us as we love a good adventure. I was stoked to meet up with Tom before he set off and immediately agreed to help out with some Northcore kit for the trip. It’s amazing being able to follow the couple and release short film edits and blog updates on their surf adventure of a lifetime.”




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