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Bianca Valenti represents Northern Cal in Bud series

Bianca Valenti barreled with her GoPro camera


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A Pipeline victory is followed with domestic tour charge

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 May, 2012 : - - After a series of injuries put her surfing career on hold, Mill Valley resident Bianca Valenti, wanted to get back into the game and she did so on the biggest stage, finishing first at Hawaii's Pipeline competition, an ASP 1-star event, last March.

"To get the opportunity to surf out there is an opportunity of a lifetime," Valenti said. "When I saw it on the schedule I knew I had to go because Pipeline is one of the best waves in the world "... and then I won it."

Valenti, 26, topped the 45-women lineup, winning her first competition back from injury — suffered a wrist injury skateboarding and sprained her knee snowboarding — in over two years. Now it seems as though she hasn't lost a beat. "If you could win one (competition) Pipeline is the one that gives you a lot of credibility," Valenti said. "Having the local guys in Hawaii telling me I did a good job charging — that was the best part. It just gave me the confidence to compete at this elite level."

That one competition put Valenti back on the map and earned her a ticket to the Bud Light Lime Surf Series Oceanside Invitational, a tournament that brings together eight highly regarded women surfers along with a separate field of 32 men from around the world to compete in Oceanside. The competition runs from June 1-3.

This ASP specialty event is a string of competitions. If Valenti places in the top four at Oceanside, she will advance to the next stage in North Carolina later this summer

Read the full article by Mark O'Meara at the Marin Independant Journal

Source: Marin Independant Journal

Author: Mark O'Meara

Tags: Bianca Valenti, Marin, California, Bud Light Lime Surf Series

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