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Big Surf Invitational rolls into Biarritz

Côte des Basques of Biarritz © WSL

Big Surf Invitational

WSL Specialty Event
Côte des Basques, Biarritz, France
12-14 June 2015

Big Surf Invitational combines music and surfing in iconic Biarritz

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 July, 2015 - Biarritz, France - World Surf League is proud to announce its partnership with the BIG Festival to create the inaugural Big Surf Invitational, a WSL Specialty Event, from July 12-14, 2015 at the iconic Côte des Basques in Biarritz, France.

The concept: two surfers/musicians and local ambassadors, former Championship Tour competitorTim Boal and professional longboarder Justine Mauvin, have invited seven of their closest friends to compete in an original format designed to expose creativity and spectacular surfing. 

“‘The Big Surf International is a great concept where we will witness some great surfing from two fantastic teams of surfers,” Rob Gunning, WSL Europe Tour Manager said. “The format is really fun and designed to be a real show for the summer crowds coming to Biarritz.”

Boal and Mauvin, both excellent surfers are also great musicians and part of this year’s Big Festival’s lineup of artists, hence the event will reignite the strong bond between surfing and music and bring an exciting show for the mass of people enjoying summer vibes in South-West France.

Mauvin has selected an A-list of surfers to fight on her side for the first-ever Big Surf Invitational title as follows:

    * Former World Longboard Title runner-up Coline Menard

    * Current Qualifying Series #13 Justine Dupont and #17 Maud Le Car

    * Alexandre Lombardo, freesurfer from Reunion Island

    * Longboard Tour World #5 Antoine Delpero

    * Naum Ildefonse, freesurfer

    * Charly Martin, current QS ranked #30 

"The Big Surf Invitational is an awesome opportunity to bring a group of friends together, put on a high-performance surfing and longboarding show and do some good at the same time,” Mauvin said.

In Boal’s corner, the talent level is just as compelling:

    * Longboard Tour World #9 Victoria Vergara

    * Former QS competitor Amandine Sanchez

    * Former Championship Tour athlete and current QS #11 Pauline Ado

    * Longboarder Emma Neuschwanger

    * QS competitor Romain Laulhe

    * Current QS #44 Marc Lacomare

    * Current QS #92 Ramzi Boukhiam

“It’s super cool to be able to bring a surf event into the whole festival scene and atmosphere,” Boal said. “The level of surfing in both our teams is amazing so the public is in for a treat at this inaugural BIG Surf Invitational !”

As the lineup suggests, the event will mix short and longboarders during the event. Over the three-day waiting period, four one-hour sessions will see half of both teams compete against each other, and the event will culminate with a tag-team session including all 16 athletes in the water for the show.

Nicolas Leroy

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