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The birthplace of surfing delivers some great days this winter



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Late Season Hawaii Delivered! - Words, clip and photos by Andy Potts

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 February, 2018 - The North shore delivered some truly epic moments throughout January 2018, the 7 mile miracle was lit with waves every day, and Pipeline/Backdoor certainly didn't disappoint!

Strong trades and localised systems caused some havoc throughout the month.  Finding windows of light winds was the modus operandi, if you were onto it you could score some gold for an hour or two here or there.


Strong northerly swells battered the coastline, keeping control of the sand was near impossible with houses on the edge of the dunes and a thunder like backwash delivering mayhem in the line up.

The larger swells brought epic conditions to standout spots, Pipeline put on a memorable show for Da Hui backdoor shootout with epic 15ft+ double to triple overhead waves, delivering arguably  some of the most perfect pipeline in recent years.

January 11th was the standout day of the season, Pipeline’s best charges gathered to take on the world’s most perfect wave, see who made the cut.




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